QuickPeek: Hike. Cooking. Sun.

San Pedro is a tourist town with a lot of backpacking crowd and I suppose also a good collection of luxury travellers too. The village was pretty, and as Flori mentioned a while back, it was pretty “Hippie”. I suppose the place has gone thro it’s evolution of tourism and now is a pretty posh little spot with everything being pretty expensive. Restaurants and cafe’s abound in the village center and they seem to cater to the posh backpacking crowd. We were super lucky to have found our really sweet hosts and a pretty quiet spot outside of the main village.

Today we planned to walk about the village a bit and figure out options on what we could do. As we walked about, we figured that most of the ‘tourist’ spots in and around the designated desert were pretty pricy and of course this being in the middle of nowhere, a simple walk in any directions as going to be pretty similar in terms of landscape. So we decided to walk about in a random direction. We ended up heading west of San Pedro and spotted some pretty interesting hills and decided to explore that area.

As we walked along, we were joined by a pretty looking puppy and she decide to stick with us all day long. The little spot we headed to, was a bit of a maze, about 30 feet high and with water run offs acting as routes. It was lovely to be taking random routes in the natural maze. The Puppy kept up with us and seemed to enjoy hiking up these loose sandy surfaces.

Once I got off that area, I spotted some ‘tourist attraction’ marked on my maps and I decided to explore that route a bit. But as I got to the trail head, it turned out that there was a fee of 3000 pesos to enter the area. Dang this is a desert for as far as the eye could see and I cannot imagine paying to walkabout. So I decided to skip that section and picked up a different trail. The walk about was stunning and the puppy, that I had names Hulia kept up with me all along. The little dog was super thirsty and I had to give her most of my water and kept just a gulp or two for reserve.

After a few hours of walking around, I decided to turn back and headed into the village for a bit of veggies and wifi. The veggies were pricy, but luckily they were pretty fresh and of good quality too. I headed home and had a quick bite to eat and hopped out to catch a stunning sunset. Hulia had joined us all the way back and decided to stay. I wish I could have adopted her, but with numerous border crossings and air travel ahead, I had to ask her to leave. Well She decided to stay put none the less and eventually made her way elsewhere in the night.

Our hosts had gone on to Calama for a shopping trip and came home late at night and famished. I made a quick dinner for us all and once dinner was over, it was off to sleep within minutes.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 20.79
Comments: Cannot imagine paying 3000 CLP for ‘tourist attractions’ here.