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We managed to sucker Vicente to join us for a short trip up north to La Serena. Fernanda’s mum was from La Serena and was happy to host us while we were there. So we took a overnight bus from Santiago. It had been many weeks in this town and the time was spent wonderfully. Heading to La Serena was a bit of a different feel, primarily because I was going to be backpacking and I am not a particularly fond of heading from one destination to another. Ah well, lets see how it happens.

La Serena turned out to be an amazing place to stop by. Fernanda’s mum, Lucia, was a super lovely person and we had a great time hanging out chatting about various things and visiting numerous little nooks and corners of town. We had an opportunity to head into Valle De Elqui, on one of these days and it was a stunning part of the world. A semi arid, rocky and mountainous landscape with a fertile strip of land where the river flowed. It was a lovely to see the place and visit it with our friends.

The time in La serena passed very well, with good food at every meal, lots of music and laughter. It was great to have been here and the time spent was well worth it. Hard to leave I should say, but we have to head up and out and get to Lima in teh next couple of months to catch the flight back to Santiago. So tonight, we head out on a long bus ride towards the desert of Atacama.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 96.72
Comments: Valle de Elqui was an exceptional place, but the hospitality of Fernanda and her mum were even better!