QuickPeek: Rest. Good times. Tourism. Tattoo.

The past couple of weeks have been exquisite days in Santiago with our awesome hosts and friends Fernanda and Vicente! We went hiking around town, met up with a dear friend Victor, visited Valparaiso, did enormous amounts of cooking and generally had a good time!

In terms of cooking, I have pretty much gotten a handle on making masala vadai’s from Garbanzos. We had an oven at home and I decided to try my hands at making cakes and actually made pretty decent tasting Brownies and Banana bread. I suppose it’s still a work in progress, but I have a general idea on how to approach making them. Other experiemnts in the kitchen were partly successful and some utter failures, but all in all, it was a really relaxed time and space to try my hand at a few different things.

We took a trip to Valpo one of these days and hung out with Jorge, a friend of Fernanda’s. Valpo is an interesting town and is great to walk about given the incredible amount of street art around. It was fun and great to photograph.

Fernanda’s mum came to visit for a bit and she was a really sweet person and invited usover to her place in La Serena as we headed north. Sweet! Fernanda and Vicente have been absolutely stunning hosts and the friendship we developed over the time here, I suppose, will last a long while. It was incredible to have met such loving and generous people and I suppose discovering such people is reason enough to go travelling!

I have been fascinated by the Indigenous culture of Chile, primarily the tradition of the Mapuche and decided it might be a great representation of my time in chile, now and probably in the future visits. So when victor mentioned he had a good friend who was a tattoo artist, the project fermented and I got chile Inked too!

On the travel front, we looked thro options and given that the winter is here in full force and the weather being in the negatives up in the hills (some spots chalking down to -20C), we decided to give the bikes a rest and continue on backpacks u North into Bolivia and Peru. It would be a novel experience, but I suppose it is the best decision to be made given the cold conditions. So the bikes stay with our friends in Santiago and off we head into the cold on light packs!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 233.38
Comments: Good times to be had in Santiago. What started as a couple of days turned into a month and more to come!