QuickPeek: Goodbyes. Air travel.

Today was our return journey back to the continent. It had been a few very interesting days of contemplation on Easter island and time well spent in the company of really lovely hosts, Malu, Connie and Hector. The island has a very interesting history that is seemingly not easy to access, for an outsider. This is ok for me, I do not need to understand to respect a culture. It’s a small island and I have actually left a small Island to explore bigger areas and I suppose, I prefer bigger places with mountains and rivers. Island life is not my favorite, heh.

I packed up my stuff and spent the morning relaxing and chatting with Malu, our super host. She had been extremely lovely and even accompanied us to the airport where we met our other friends Connie and Hector who had come to say good bye. Ain’t that sweet! The small town feel and friendliness is unbeatable indeed!

The flight was pretty neat and I watched a few movies to keep awake and once in Santiago, we rushed to catch public transport to get to Fernanda’s place! We were greeted warmly back home and really, it was like coming back home! Fernanda’s mum was visiting her and we had a nice long chat over an unexpected, and extremely delicious dinner and I took a few hours to upload my blogs and knocked off to sleep.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 3.72
Comments: It was lovely to be in the island, but I like to be closer to the mountains!