QuickPeek: Tourism. Sunny. Tattoo. Cooking.

There is very little things to do in Easter Island as a tourist. If one were an archeologist, there is an endless collection of petroglyphs and untapped sites which might provide immense excitement. For the casual observer, there is a tourist trail that pretty much everyone loops through and that limits the extent of exploration that can be done. We had ridden the East coast where most of the archeological sites were, the area of Poike were not easily accessible and the only bit that was easy access and interesting were the Western coast where there was promise of numerous cave complexes shaped by lava flows. So we decided to head there, given that we still had a few hours on the bike rental.

The ride up to the section was pretty, thro a rough trail and though I am not much of a off road rider, it wasn’t too challenging and enjoyable to ride. The weather was pretty lovely, bright skies and a brisk wind to keep things cool. Once we hit the cave sites, there were numerous entry points, most of them unmarked, even the touristy ones were difficult to spot. I tend to think it is to keep the guiding service at work. Luckily the maps app that I had, had pretty accurately marked locations and I ended up spotting the bigger entrances and some of the odder ones too.

It was nice to squeeze thro the narrow spaces and realise that it opened up to much bigger areas underground. Some of the caves had openings out to the sea and the views were stunning. After going thro the region with caves, we eventually got back to pavement and visited yet another Moai site, which was famed for being the only set of Moai’s looking out to the sea. On the way back home, we stopped off at the museum and though it was a well set up museum, there was but a little further information on the sites. It was good to get a context, but details were eluding. I really think they ought to do a little more to improve on information being provided for visitors.

On the way home, we met a friend of a friend and grabbed a bit of lunch at a restaurant. My only meal out here was a bowl overpriced french fries, heh. Camila was a really sweet person and it was nice to meet her and hear a bit about her time in the Island. We headed back to prepare for a falafel dinner and at 5 PM, I had an appointment with a really good tattoo artist, from Marquesas. So after a couple of hours and getting Polynesia stamped, I headed back to make some dinner. It was a late evening and our hosts were all working odd hours and it was nearly midnight before every one had had their dinner and I knocked off to sleep.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 107.22
Comments: A good day of exploring ending in a tattoo and dinner.