QuickPeek: Bike Ride. Perfect weather. Ruins.

Being in Easter Island, one of the few things one can do to keep one’s time occupied is to take a tour of the Island’s Archeological sites. Of which, there are numerous of. Ideally, one would hire guide service to get a clearer understanding of the significance, but I am not into archaeology and all ruins look the same to me. So it was easy to figure to rent a bike and go about exploring for photo op instead of an archeological trip. The prices in the Island are pretty high, for everything. And bike rental didn’t come cheap, I had to pay 25 SGD to rent a pretty bad condition bike for a day!! Ah well, if I had known I’d have brought my bike along here.

Anyway, We headed off at 10 in the morning and took the popular stretch along the coast where most of the discovered ruins were at. It was a day of ride a little, stop and explore on foot for a while, ride a little more and repeat. The weather was lovely and the numerous stops were picturesque, though pretty repetitive. Definitely worth visiting, but one gets filled up with big heads in a matter of minutes. I met another cyclist who turned out to be from Malaysia! Yay, neighbour!! I met him growing more and more exhausted as were progressed thro the day.

The coastline was stunning, one can see the appeal of being in a place like this. But a tiny island about 20 km x 15 km (not that much smaller than Singapore) can get boring pretty soon I reckon. Put me up in the mountains any day of the week instead!

Visiting Numerous Moai’s was interesting to stretch one’s eye for photos, but there was very little to be learned. For an absolutely unique site in the world, with a park entrance fee of 80 USD, I’d expect more signage and archeological information provided close to the site for context. But the signage has been really appalling and in most places, non-existent! I suppose it is to make sure the guiding service gets enough business. Well that’s a bit of a mafia eh. Bike rentals, Park entrance, Guiding services, taxi services, food, stay, everything is expensive in this place. It need not be, to be honest, but I understand the explanation that this is a remote part of the world. But for the money, one gets very little. Broken bikes, Park with poor (if any) signage, bad choice of veggies (nearly mouldy veg, ugh).

Anyhow, we eventually got to the mountain where the Moai’s were carved out of. This was a really stunning site and was well worth making a trip to. The lighting was awesome with blue skies and the big ass rock sculptures peeking out of the slopes of the hill. The views out to the sea was real pretty too! Can’t imagine the effort needed to move such huge rocks from the mountain to the shore!! After this site, the marked sites diminished. I had numerous sites marked on my GPS, but no signage or visible trails led to them. I suppose they were kept a bit obscure for the guides to “show” paying tourists. Ah well, we rode up to the beach of Anakena where we had camped earlier and from there it was a straight stretch to head back home.

I was a bit hungry by the time I got back home at 5’ish and bought some expensive bread to make a quick dinner. I had gotten a contact from a friend of another person in town, I tried to catch them in the evening, but as I was waiting for her, I felt like I had to knock off to sleep and decided to head
back home to get a bit of shut eye, and knocked off to sleep.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 24.51
Comments: Archeological sites seem the same all over the world, to me.