QuickPeek: Swimming. Camping. Archeological Sites.

The camp site was pretty as and with the ocean roaring right next to us, it was a lovely night’s sleep. The sleep was bothered only by the wild roosters who didn’t seem to know what time it was. They seemed to be perched up on trees and were noisy pretty much all the time. Dang. In the morning, we had a bit of a rain and when I woke up, there was some residual rain, overcast skies and heavy winds. It made the place a bit chilly.

The beach was pretty as, and had some Moai’s installed nearby which was a nice route to walk around. Though it was chilly, we decided to take a swim, hoping that the sun might come out eventually. We didn’t have much luck all day, but the stiff breeze helped to dry out the clothes. We spent the afternoon by the beach and the evening, making some dinner and our friends made some asado – pretty much a meat barbecue. It was a nice evening to sit around playing some card games and eating.

Our neighbour was a native Rapa Nui who had spent many years living in the USA and spoke excellent english. We had an interesting conversation and got a pulse on the situation around here. There seemed to be a lot of resentment from the Rapa Nui community due to the Chilean National policy. She didn’t mince words when she mentioned that the local’s do not like the Continental Chilenos from staying and working on the island. The feeling was bordering on caustic and one could understand why – the local culture seeming to be diluted due to Immigration. Ouch, indeed. This feeling seemingly fermenting around the world and a small island in the mid pacific is not much different.

The local population is somewhere between 5000 and 8000 and she was unhappy that it’s rising. It is strange how a small Polynesian island in the middle of pacific is territorially part of Chile – well same holds for Hawaii and the USA. Strategic location and all can explain the story, but really, people are not particularly happy about the outcome. Anyhow, we had this chat which left one with an odd feeling indeed.

I took the opportunity presented by clear skies in the evening to take some pictures of the beach and the Moai. After hanging out for a while with the fire raging and keeping the warmth, I decide to knock off to sleep.

Track Notes

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Comments: Interesting conversation with Rapa Nui.