QuickPeek: Archeological Sites. Hiking. Camping.

The entire Island is a designated National Park and one could walk about in many spots to see archeological sites. There are various sites that need a Park entrance fee to be paid and we tried to see if we could get any discount on that. Turned out that the system is well established and we had to splurge on the entrance before visiting the popular sites. We woke up around 9 am and tried to get tickets, but turned out that they do not take credit cards and we had to come back to pick up some cash. We thought of buying tickets later and instead take the opportunity of the bright blue skies to walk about first.

We walked towards the airport and tried the hike to the Volcano Rano Kau. On the way, as we entered some archeological site, we were asked for our tickets. We didn’t have it yet, but the girl were friendly and did let us thro. Sweet! The first site we went to was a coastal section with a few caves. The views were stunning and the walk was precarious on the sea worn volcanic rocks. I thought the place was stunning to photograph and I suppose the entire Island is a bit of a photographer’s paradise.

On the distance though, it was stark to see that, for a tropical Island, there was no vegetation. Some theories mention that the people chopped the trees to use as rollers to move the huge Rock sculptures from the quarry to their installation sites! An additional theory suggested that the regrowth got stunted after the European colonisation and introduction of grazing animals. Hmmm. Whatever the reason, it was sad to see the entire island being bald, with small tufts of trees sporadically spread around.

We wandered towards the Volcano and found a ticket office again. They would not accept cards there either, but the friendly guy pointed out that the trail was free to walk, and one needed tickets to only enter the archeological site at the end. We hiked up the small hill and along the way spotted guava trees with ripe fruits ready for lunch! Sweet! I stuffed my mouth full and continued the hike up to the crater. It was a pretty place and after getting to the top, we double backed and headed home. We hopped out to the ticket office before it closed and plonked down 80 USD for the park fees!

Malu and her friends were planning to go camping for the weekend and invited us to go with them. I made a quick dinner (lemon rice and black bean curry) and after dinner, packed up and headed out. We were going to the Ankena Beach in the north end of the island and one of their friends was helping to ferry us and our stuff in his van. Sweet!

We got to Anakena under a starry night and set up tent and a bit of fire and after hanging out a bit, listening to the ocean and staring at the milky way and moon rise, knocked off to sleep.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 118.16
Comments: Hikes are easy here and the place is well set up for easy exploration and tourism.