QuickPeek: Tourism. Nice host.

It was a mission to get from the ultra comfy home of Fernanda and Vicente to make our journey to Easter Island. Our flight out was at 6:30 and to make sure we were on time and at low cost, we decided to head out in the night and took a bus to the airport. The airport connection was reasonably priced at 1700 pesos and we lugged around 30 kg of veggies and other basic needs and got to the airport by 11 pm. Santiago Airport was bare bones for a major international port and we had to find a corner to sit up and rest. A friend from Brazil, Valmique was travelling to Santiago this night and We decided to sync up. He came in at 3 AM and it was nice to catch him and chit chat before we parted ways.

The flight was uneventful and we got to Isla de Pascua at 10 AM. It was bright sunny day with cool breeze and we walked into town with the heavy packs. Our host was working and we had to wait till 4 pm to catch up with her. We left our packs at a cafe and wandered around the coast near the main village of Hanga Roa for a few hours. We spotted the first Moai soon enough and walked up to find a few more. It was an impressive sight to see these huge rock sculptures and numerous petroglyphs and many other cultural artefacts.

After exploring and hanging out, we headed out to the village to meet our host. At 4 pm, our host Malu showed up and took us to her place, A nice little house with a lovely garden! There were numerous Banana, Mango and Avocado trees, Avacado being in season at the moment! Sweet!

Malu and her housemate Camila were really friendly and we had a good time catching up and chatting. I was pretty hungry and made a quick tomato rice for dinner! Some of their friends showed up later and enjoyed eating the food too and as we got on to the night, I was pretty sleepy and decided to sleep early. It’s been a while but we are back in mosquito country and I was glad I brought my repellant to keep the bugs at bay and got a pretty good night’s sleep.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 562.36
Comments: First sighting of Moai’s in Easter Island.