QuickPeek: Visa Run. Rest. Cooking. Good company!

There’s a bit of a hidden reason for us to have headed up to Santiago sooner rather than bike thro the coast. One of it was that I figured I might take a trip to Argentina to get an visa extension. The second was that we had contemplated a trip to the remote Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific (only accessible from Santiago) and we found reasonably priced tickets too. So off we go from Santiago to Easter Island! Whoop whoop!

As we started from Concepcion, we had a bit of a drama, Our Host Pablo have us a ride to the bus station and while packing up, I forgot one of my bags in the store room. Ouch! Pablo was super nice and rushed home to bring back my bag, Thanks buddy, owe you one! The bus trip to Santiago was uneventful and we got to the house of our hosts in town, Fernanda and Vincente! A really lovely couple who invited us with a lot of smiles and open heart. Later on, we were joined by another French Couple, Tim and Alex who were going to start their bike tour from Chile and were busy buying their bike in town!!

We had a few really lovely days with the small friendly and gregarious group that we had formed and eery day, we had a nice bit of cooking and eating sessions. Awesomeness! I tried my hand at vadai and figured a way to use a standard blender to make the batter. Sweet! 3 successful attempts in a week! I am getting a handle on this!

One of the days, I took a bus over to Mendoza, just a in and out trip to get reenter chile and restart the clock on my visa. It was a pretty long drawn affair with hardly any sleep and expensive at 70 SGD. Bummer. As I returned they stamped a 90 day visa on my passport! Dang, If only the previous officer had done that, I could have saved some money. Ah well.

So after a day or two or more resting, we are heading out to Isla de Pascua (Easter Island). An unplanned detour, but I am sure it’s going to be awesome! I was surprised to find Couchsurfing hosts in the tiny island and even more surprised that we managed to find a good host. Given the access to food and good veggies is a bit sketchy and probably expensive in the island, We offered to buy some veggies for our host and stocked up on 30 kg of fruits and veggies and taking it to the island! Sweet!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 166.97
Comments: Visa run is a bit of an expensive affair here.