QuickPeek: Rolling Hills. Flat. Sunny. Light Tail wind!

It was awesome rest in the parroquia and that too with a view of the central plaza of town! I was up to sunrise, but it was chilly and dozed till 9 when the sun actually had some effect on the land. I made a quick b’fast, cleaned up and packed up and met Oscar and Ramonito (who helped to secure our bikes in a locked room) and bid them farewell. It was 11ish when we hit the road. It was brilliant sunny day today and the dry spell we had been promised all week actually came to be!

It was a pretty sketchy ride out of town and the traffic was heavy as we head on the narrow highway. It wasn’t the most pleasant ride out and the lack of shoulders and high speed cars and trucks made it a bit of a hairy ride. It was rolling hills till the first break at Tres pinos. This was a highway town and was not a pretty spot. Well they had bananas and some snacks in a small shop and that was all I really wanted anyway.

The day was warm enough to get me sweating and with the air being brisk and chilly, it was indeed lovely to be out and about riding. The views had been pretty bland. Pine and Eucalyptus as far as the eyes could see and the road was choke full of Timber trucks too. It was lovely smells when trucks would pass by, but a sore sight indeed.

The road after Tres Pinos turned into a proper highway, couple of lanes on eash side with a very good shoulder. Sweet! If I am going to have dull views, might as well be able to ride faster. This being a new highway, they seemed to have built it with trucks in mind and the slopes were pretty well graded. Also having enough room on the road made it easy to speed up the riding and the descents and flats were pretty spiffy.

We rode to the next turnoff to a town of Curanilahue and given we were riding a good clip and the weather was excellent, we decided to push on to the next town where my gps indicated we would have a Bomberos. The road was a gentle descent on this section and later turned into a flat section! Sweet! After a long while, I cruised along at 25-30 kmph! Felt good to have the legs pushing on the pedals hard!

We came into the small village of Carampangue and rode up to the Bomberos! Unfortunately it seemed like the building was being torn down! They had the sign and everything, but no building or roof. Bummer. I enquired at the police post and they pointed me to the next town about 12 km away where there was a working Bomberos. We rode up on the flat section yet again and got to Laraquette and spotted the Bomberos.

The bomberos was locked, but there were a couple of kids playing in front and they decided to help us and went off to check out where the people were. Eventually one of the kids pointed me to a guy running a hotel who was also the director of the Bomberos! Sweet! I spoke with him and he realised that some event was going on inside the building and instead offered for us to camp out behind his hotel and let us use the facilities! Sweet As! I made a dinner while being distracted by a bunch of really curious kids who wanted to know everything that could be known. Eventually the little crowd dispersed and after catching up on my blog, I knocked off to sleep.

Track Notes

Route: Canete to Laraquette
Distance: 85 Km
Road: Asphalt. Narrow till Tres Pinos, HIghway with shoulder after!
Traffic: Heavy out of Canete. Moderate afterward.
Services: Frequent. Once on the highway, one has to exit to villages for services.
Expenses: SG$ 7.29
Comments: Failure at one Bomberos just means one has to try at another :-p