QuickPeek: Rolling hills. Overcast. Easy ride.

Katy’s mum was a super lovely lady and she insisted that we should have some b’fast before we started. We did and she even boiled up some eggs for us for the road! Ain’t that sweet! We had a bit of a chit chat in the morning about routes and stuff with Camilo and by the time we got on the road it was past noon. My original thought was to get up and over a hill in the later part of the day, but with a late start, I wasn’t sure how far we’d get to.

Even though we started at noon, it was still chilly and the overcast skies didn’t help matters much. The route out of Traiguen was flattish (a few mild hills, but nothing too bad really) and given the weather was well behaved, it was a lovely ride out. The road was beautiful and traffic mild. We were told to look out for timber trucks and though there were a few of them, they were generally safe drivers.

The entire route was pretty much timber forests. They had pretty much decimated the native forests and replaced them with Pine and Eucalyptus. It was jarring to see the timber farms as far as the eyes could see. Over the hills, and the valleys and all the way to the horizon! Amazing, indeed! This region is Mapuche territory and I suppose the indigenous population is not in favour of the timber forests (I suppose realisation is a bit late). One could see so much protest graffiti all along the way, but I suppose re-growing native forests in such a large scale is a tall task.

Anyhow, we had a pretty quiet ride, without much incidents and, before long, came to the small town of Puren. It was nearly 5 PM and we decided not to continue on up the next hill and decided to stay in town. We had forecast for a bit of rain in the night and so opted to find a hostel in town instead of a place to camp at. We eventually found one, and though it was pricy (Accommodation is Chile is crazy expensive), they were super friendly and the rooms were cute and we were allowed to use their industrial kitchen too! Sweet!

We walked around to resupply some fruits and veggies and cooked up a bit of Pumpkin pasta soup and knocked off early!

Track Notes

Route: Traiguen to Puren
Distance: 59 Km
Road: Asphalt with no shoulder.
Traffic: Moderate to light
Services: Regularly
Expenses: SG$ 33.48
Comments: A nice day to ride, but super sad to see all the timber farms.