QuickPeek: Cooking. Rest. Planning.

We planned to stay a day with Katy and Camilo, I suppose we could have stayed a week more, but eventually it was just 2 days. But they were super fun and enjoyable days indeed. Camilo is an experienced cyclist and knows routes in Chile and the region like the back of his hand. Katy had joined him on a tour in Europe and if probed, they had some great stories to share form there too. That was just a small part of our time here.

Katy’s parents and an Aunt lived right next door and we were invited to food at their place pretty much every meal. And every meal was a huge spread indeed! Katy’s mum was a super sweet lady and I had lots of fun chatting with her. Her aunt had a lot of experience cooking Mid-eastern food and one of the days she made falafel for us! Imagine that! Awesome falafel in the middle of Chile! Amazing. Even more important for me was that I learnt a little bit of the technique of making falafel (or in my case, vadai) and making sure I could retain shape while frying it! I hope it will come in handy one of these days.

Camilo was a multi instrumentalist and had among other things, Didgeridoo’s and a sort of Sitar from Iran! Even better he was adept at playing a nice tune on any of his instruments and it was great listening to him do some improv as we chatted on about various topics. I took the opportunity of having a kitchen to showcase my staples and the food turned out well again! I am happy to be able to practice cooking and improve a little every time! It was a lovely place and I was not really ready to leave their place. But with my 30 day visa ticking along, I supposed I had to get my ass moving and decided to head on after 2 days here.

Traiguen was a pretty sleepy village, but had a nice vibe of generally simple and happy folk. I kind of enjoy villages like these and may be the road will bring be back sometime in the future.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 4.60
Comments: It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s great to hangout with a big family.