QuickPeek: Visa Run. Cooking. Rest.

We had an really nice time with Jordan and his housemate Italo. They were really friendly fellers and Jordan was an experienced bicycle tourer himself and was perfectly happy to let us be, give some good advice and have good conversations. So the past few days were pretty relaxing and fun.

Temuco is not a fantastic city, but its a pretty functioning university town with some pretty neat access to cordillera and also some decent park and stores in town. Italo took us for a walkabout during the Census day and we ended up doing a brief tour of the street art scene! Which was pretty impressive, given that the pretty amazing duo of alapinta from Villarica are a stones throw away!

I had to address my visa situation and figured this might be a good place to go about it. We were literally 150 km from the border and decided to hitch our way to get some extra time on the visa. Turned out that the closest border of Icalma was a very quiet border port and Jordan adviced us to head to Curarrehue which had better bus connections. We did a full day trip up to the hills in some heavy and cold rain to get the paperwork done.

So that done and dusted, I suppose we shall reluctantly get on our way north again!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 43.11
Comments: Seems like I will have to do a regular visa run while over here, Bummer...