QuickPeek: Hills. Cloudy.

With the paperwork complete, it was time to head out. Our host Jordan was a really amazing chap and didn’t bat an eyelid when we wanted to stay the extra couple of days and make the day trip. In addition, he was fun to chat with with loads of information on routes and places to visit. I have had a good time in Temuco and it was time to head out. The days are pretty darn cold in the morning and eventually, we got out around 1030 or so.

The ride out of Temuco was a bit chaotic, even though it was on a Sunday. However, it was fun to listen to Hymns being sung in all the tiny Pentacostal churches! I think I heard a rendition of a popular Sri Lankan tune in one of them! It was a bit of traffic and a lot of dust, but fun to ride out of town with music in tow. The first part of the ride to a small village called Chol Chol was up and down and with a bit of traffic. The weather was pretty cool and cloudy and was lovely to ride in.

Once we got past Chol Chol, the traffic died down and though this part of the route was known for the timber trucks, I suppose, it being Sunday, we were spared the heavy vehicles. The route was choke full of timber plantations, Pine and Eucalyptus as far as the eye could see. Incredible! I suppose chopping off native forests to set up timber plantations is a pretty common thing to do around the world, but it still makes the greenery seem alien! Gone are the days when I used to admire the beautiful pine forests in NZ and Canada. To me they look a bit hideous these days.

I have also been hearing how the plantation forests are harming the local water tables and already numerous rivers and waterfalls have disappeared (according to locals). Bummer eh! Ah well! Anyway, it was interesting to see the huge tracts of land devoted to timber! Alogn the way, I also notices more farm lands. These were tilled and managed land, so it would seem that I have left cow country and got into grain country! I heard that this belt is known for growing wheat and I can see that it’s probably a great crop for the weather conditions. A bit further north, I believe we get into grape and Wine country! Well, well! Good time ahead eh!

We had 3 stiff hills along the route and ended up climbing close to 1000m for the day. Combine that with a nice 80 km stretch, it made for a good day’s ride. It was nice that the entire route was paved and the weather was excellent. We eventually rode into the little village of Traiguen and looked for our hosts Camilo and Katy! As we rode into town, we met Camilo who was out for a run and he took us to his home! We had a super cozy spot to stay in with them in a backyard with a really pretty garden to peek at!

We had a nice “Once” with their family, all of whom were extremely lovely and fun to chat with! Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day and I supposed we might stay indoors to avoid the cold blast and I offered to make a meal for our hosts, which thy seemed to like! Hopefully my staples will turn out fine again! After chatting about routes and travels with Camilo and Katy and listening to Camilo play some lovely tunes on his instrument collection, I knocked off to bed.

Track Notes

Route: Temuco to Traiguen
Distance: 81 Km
Road: Asphalt.
Traffic: Heavy out of Temuco. Moderate till Chol Chol. Super light afterward.
Services: Often
Expenses: SG$ 2.41
Comments: Paved roads and good weather make a 1000m climb seem pretty normal!