QuickPeek: Rest. Cooking.

Every place I seem to go to in Chile, I do not want to leave. People are awesome, the nature is impeccable and when the days are sunny, its literally paradise! Carla is such a sweet person that once we got to know her, it was one day after another of not wanting to leave, heh. She is a dynamite personality with interesting ideas and projects and her current work of making Hostel Casa Gavilea in Conaripe and setting up a interpretive trail in her backyard was pretty compelling.

We ended up hanging out with Carla most of the days and did a little bit of trail clearing. The black berry bushes are an invasive species and with too many thorns, there are a real pest. Clearing them was a bit of a delicate work and one had to pull them from the roots. They seem to create a pretty tough underground network and it was a nice bit of work to clear even a small space. Luckily the soil was pretty loose and the work was fun.

I walked about the village center in the mornings and spotted some villagers selling veggies, bread and whatnot made at home. I ended up stocking up on some spices and one of the ladies was super nice to roast and grind up coriander seeds for me!!

The days have been incredibly pretty and one could not choose to stay in and busk in the sunshine or to go on a big ass hike. Eventually I decided to hang out close to home base and make food while we stayed. The food worked out well most of the times and spending time together with Carla and some of her guests was a nice way to spend the time here. I suppose some day, I could come back to volunteer here, tsk tsk.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 29.98
Comments: This place has an allure that’s hard to describe.