QuickPeek: Cold. Overcast. Rural. Hills.

Today had to be an early start. Jon and Yerko had to get going to their work at 8 AM and that meant we had to wake up real early and pack up, and join them for a bit of a brekkie before hitting the road. I was up at 6:30 and was still sleepy when 8 AM came by and we had to hit the road. It was nice being with Jon & Yerko, the guys were super kind and lovely and a pleasure to have conversations with.

We got on the road in pretty chilly conditions and I decided to wear my heavy duty gloves to keep my fingers from freezing. The first part of the ride was on highway 5 till we got to Los Lagos. It was cold, but really pleasant to ride once the muscles warmed up. It was a pretty flat ride into town and we thought we might find a cafe and lounge around until the sun came up. Turned out though that businesses were all opening late and we didn’t have much luck. We ended up at the bus station and had a pretty blah coffee and waited for a bit to let the sun come up.

Once after Los Lagos, we turned into a rural road, which was conveniently paved and was a really sweet route indeed. The rest of the day was simply a case of pedalling on and enjoying the views kind. There was little traffic on this and was such a difference from riding on the highway. The occasional car or truck would pass by with reasonable care and that was that. The route was flat to start with and once we crossed a river along the way, we got into the hills. These seem to be the foothills of the Cordillera which was the direction we were headed today. They were not high, but were low and wide and was not too tough to climb. The weather conditions were pretty much perfect with a mild breeze and overcast skies.

I stopped after a few hours for a bit of a snack break and admired longingly at the trees full of apples. If I had seen people in the yard, I’d have asked them for a few choice apples from the trees, heh. Ah well. The ride continued on and before I knew it I was in the town of Panguipulli. We looked around for options to camp at and the first idea was to ask the Bomberos, of course. Unfortunately the entire crew had left town on an emergency call and no one could authorise our stay, bummer. They however asked us to check out the Church. But seemingly I haven’t had much luck with churches and today was no exception. The nunnery was having some sort of gathering and the pastor as not particularly happy to have us either. Hmm. We eventually ended up in a campsite close to town. We had to pay, but with hot showers, potable water and sheltered camp spots under apple trees, it was worth it!

Track Notes

Route: South of Los Lagos to Panguipulli
Distance: 73 Km
Road: Asphalt!
Traffic: Light to Moderate
Services: None between Los Lagos & Panguipulli. Frequent houses and occasional cabanas.
Expenses: SG$ 19.91
Comments: An early start meant a cold cold morning, but a pretty early end to the day too!