QuickPeek: Flat. Highway.

After a few lovely days with Alejandro and his mum at Osorno, we has forecast of a dry spell and planned to head out today. We had a nice bit of b’fast, packed up and bid farewell to our good friend and headed out. It was nearly 11:30 as we started, pretty good time to start, given the mornings here are pretty foggy and day pretty much starts at 9.

Our route today was along the highway and based on previous rides on this highway, we knew it was going to be flattish and pretty smooth riding, with not too heavy traffic. It turned out to be so and was easy riding all day.

We had a warmshowers host at about 85 k’s away and figured we’d finish the day early at 5 pm. We took a short break along the way to eat some cookies and boiled egg with some coffee and took a detour just before end of day to a village called Reumen. The idea was to get in touch with our hosts if we could find wifi, but there wasn’t much luck with finding community wifi and we rode up, looking for their place based on location alone. It was a bit tricky to find, but eventually we stumbled on the right one.

Zerko and Jonathan invited us into their home which was a really pretty little place right by a little forest and a few beautiful dogs. We spent the evening chatting about travels and I made a quick little Congee for dinner for all of us and turned in. It was great to be hopping from one amazing place to another. I should say Chile sets a high standard for travel and goodness of people and gets better every day!

Track Notes

Route: Osorno to Just after Reumen
Distance: 87 Km
Road: Asphalt Highway with generous shoulders!
Traffic: Moderate
Services: Few villages along the way.
Expenses: SG$ 0
Comments: Highway 5 is a tricky one. Not particularly the best road to be on, but surely fast and easy to ride.