QuickPeek: Rest. Rain. Cooking.

We had an amazing time in Osorno! Alejandro and his mum, Lidya, were really lovely and made us feel at home! We had a few days of rain and that made the option of staying with them even more easy to decide! Lidya was super funny and was so fun to spend time with her. They had a cute dog, Chika, who was incredibly sweet and a charming presence around the house!

We had numerous awesome cooking sessions, some incredible local cusine made by Lidya and we prepared some good meals too. Best way to spend good times! I also managed to get some bike stuff taken care off. Turned out that my bottom bracket was on its way out and Ale took me to a small bike shop, who had a Shimano Bottom Bracket, and got it replaced. Sweet.

We spent the rest of the time relaxing, chatting about travels and watching movies and enjoying watching the rain thro the windows!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 63.68
Comments: Good times in Osorno!!