QuickPeek: Flat. Highway. Cloudy.

Mornings are cold here. It seems usual to be up after 8 or 9 am and that means that rides start later too. Well, with the big mountains in the back, It’s easier to do good distances in reasonable times and a late start ain’t that bad a thing. We started today at 11 AM or so, after a nice bit of b’fast and a good chat with Adrianna and bid her farewell.

We had a couple of choices. First option was to head towards Ensanada and loop around th elake Llanquihue before heading to Osorno. But seemingly, we had relaxed thro all the sunny days and with a forecast of all day rain for the morrow, we elected to head up on highway 5 instead and speed our way to Osorno.

The route was flat and nothing interesting to see. It was a “put your head down and ride” kind of day. But with a gentle tailwind and cool weather, it was great riding conditions. The ample shoulder and generally moderate amount of traffic made the ride pretty quick and easy.

We took a couple of short breaks and got to Osorno pretty fast and got into town at 5 pm sharp. Osorno is home to a friend of ours, Alejandro, whom we had met all they way back last year at Santiago’s place in Tumbaco! We stopped at a cafe in town and messaged Alejandro and within half an hour he was there! It was lovely to meet him after a year! It’s incredible how it feels like meeting old friends while encountering people I have met just for a short while. It was good to see him again and we rode up to his mum’s place (which was up a hill, heh).

His mum Lidya was an absolutely sweet person and invited us in warmly as the rain started to pour and we shared a nice dinner before knocking off to sleep! A good long day of riding, and a few days of rest and hanging out to follow 🙂

Track Notes

Route: Puerto Varas to Osorno
Distance: 96 Km
Road: Highway. Good shoulder.
Traffic: Moderate
Services: Numerous villages along the highway.
Expenses: SG$ 0
Comments: Highway 5 is pretty boring, but flat and fast and good to make up time :-)