QuickPeek: Boat ride. Rest.

The boat ride was gentle, and given there was only sitting space, it was a bit difficult to sleep. However, it was quite light on the traffic and that meant one could stretch out over a few seats. Not Comfortable, but decent enough to sleep in. It was a shame to have sailed thro the night, as it dawned, we were berthed along the edge of the continent and as we sailed off at sunrise, the cordillera was stunning and it was incredible views to be had! Leaving the mountains for the moment, but once we ride thro Chiloe, we’d be back in the mountains. Also likely that I will be crossing the Los Andes in a few days for my visa run!

I had a bit of a b’fast with some supplies we packed up at the supermarket at Puerto Cisnes and spent the morning watching the mountains shrink and disappear in the distance The weather was pretty lovely to spend on deck and inside the ship there was a bunch of Hollywood movies dubbed in Spanish. Fun way to spend the day, heh. They even had hot showers and pretty spiffy interiors!

We reached Quillon at 7 pm and it was a really cute town, but the weather looked gloomy. I had sighted a couple of Bomberos in Town and decided it would be best to check with them for shelter before trying other options. The first Bomberos we visited was a small one in the center of town, They were friendly but didn’t have space to host us. Instead they called up the 3rd company and got permission for us to be hosted! Sweet! We rode a few blocks out and were welcomed warmly by the Bomberos!

We were shown a nice sheltered spot to sleep in and they offered us some coffee and let us hang out in the sports room. That was also the kitchen and they offered for us to make some dinner! I walked up to the nearby supermarket and picked up some supplies. A bit of rain had set in today and I was hoping it might leave by morning. We made a nice bit of tortilla wraps with some stir fried veggies and that was a pretty lovely meal!

A little bit of work done on uploading blogs and getting in contact with hosts, past and future, it was time to knock off!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 13.79
Comments: The sailing routes in these parts are pretty awesome! Well worth the detour.