QuickPeek: Rolling hills. Blue Skies. Great road. Lovely Campsite.

Today we had to start to make our way towards Futalefu, a small town to do our border crossing to Argentina. it was about 5 days ride away and I figured, it would take us with a day or 2 to spare on my visa. I was up at 8 in the morning, packed up and went up to meet Jaime for b’fast. We had a nice leisurely time chatting about the lifestyle there and I was intriqued about the prospects of spending a season there. Well, I will have to figure out a bit more about the paperwork to spend more than 30 days in a stretch and the logistics of being there. Jaime was gracious and offered for us to return to his place at any time and we could figure out how to make the time useful! Thoughts for another day I suppose. Today we had to ride!

It was nearly noon as we got on the road and the route out was a bit of rolling hills thro the gorgeous valley with stunning blue skies and the ice fields on the top of the hills glistening bright blue and white! The road was beautifully paved and before long, we got to a flat stretch that took us all the way to Villa Manihuales. This tiny village was a pretty little place with a couple of supermarkets where we could get some supplies and after a brief break, we continued on.

The route meandered thro some beautiful forests, though the trees were mostly beech and planted pine, but pretty none the less. I rode along at a fairly relaxed pace, but before long, some strong headwinds showed up and made me work a bit. Around 5 pm, we looked at our options and with a bit of a distance and some hills to cross to Villa Amenagual, we figured we might stop early for the day. As luck would have it, we were stopped near to a river and as I explored around, found a nicely made location for tents right by the road and next to the river! Sweet! Seemed like someone made this space for camping, and probably many others had camped at this spot. The fence was opened up and we figured, it was an invitation for random people to camp at!

With a bit of light still available, we pitched camp and made an easy dinner with some tortilla and veggies and called it a day before the light could disappear!

Track Notes

Route: Casa Chinook to Campsite 25 km before Villa Amengual
Distance: 56 Km
Road: Asphalt! Stunningly smooth!
Traffic: Light.
Services: Small shops in Villa Manihuales, many greenhouses along the way.
Expenses: SG$ 5.03
Comments: The day was as excellent as it could get. Stunning views, great weather and lovely road! Easy to fall in love with this place!