QuickPeek: Rest. Cleanup. Cooking.

Casa Chinook, Jaime’s place was an absolutely stunning spot! Add to it that jaime and his wife were super lovely people and wanted to start a casa Ciclista of sorts, we figured we might just stay another day to get to know them and the place a little better. We were invited for a bit of b’fast and We asked if we could stay the day and they were happy to have us around. We had some good grub and the day being spotlessly blue and stunning, was a relaxing way to spend a bit of lovely time in the middle of Carratera Austral.

Jaime had a bit of errand to run in Villa Manihuales and I joined him to the village to pick up some lumber for making beds for his cabins. If I had a few more days to spare, I’d have over to hang out and give them a hand in making some of the furniture. Ah well, the visa clock is ticking and I suppose the show had to get on the road soon enough.

In the evening, we made a nice meal for them and their Neighbour, Jack, who was staying the summer in a cabin next door. The meal of flavoured rice, Jalfrezi and salad came out particularly well. The region does not favour vegetarians, but this particular stretch had people growing organic veggies in greenhouses and we had stopped by one of the families around and picked up some stunningly tasty and fresh greens and used them for the dinner! Sweet! We were also informed that as we rode along, we could potentially buy veggies whenever we spotted a greenhouse. Sell good to know and a good tip for people travelling this route! Just ask and you can get fresh produce right off of the ground for cheap!

The night was cloudless and the stars were clear as crystal and a beautiful sight to behold! So ended a lovely day watching the sun light up the mountain tops as I did some cleanup of some of my gear and got ready to get back on the road tomorrow!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 1.75
Comments: I think This is one of the spots in the world, that I feel really close to!