QuickPeek: Hitching. Rest.

Once our work at teh Campo was coming to a close, we had asked Carlos to give us a ride out of there to another town called Coyhaique. He travelled weekly to this town about 400 k’s away and though it was to be a stunning route, we figured We might have to speed it up so we could get to some frontera before my visa ran out.

We packed up our bikes on his truck and started off at 7 AM and got to Coyhaique by 1 pm. The vistas on the route was absolutely incredible. No doubt, but the road under was a mixture of decent hard pack gravel and went off as worse as loose stones and mud with constant climbs and precarious descent to boot. The traffic was also heavier along this section and with some road works going on, too may tourists and loose soil, the amount of dust was horrendous. I suppose it would have been nice to ride thro this section, but I am glad we rather spent the time in a farm and hitched this portion!

Once in town, we looked for a hostel and found a ‘cheap’ one slightly outside of the center, but still costing an whopping 12,000 CLP. The lady in the hostel was really friendly, but I figured while I stayed there to try my luck with couch surfing and found a really nice feller, David, who was happy to host us for a couple of nights.

We rode up in the morning to his place and spent the next couple of days, cooking, helping him out with some cleaning and at some point, moving some heavy lumber for his friend’s house. All in a day’s work. David was a really lovely chap and we had a super time hanging out and he also helped correct a lot of mistakes I was making in conversational Spanish! Sweet!

Now that we have had some good rest, its time to get back on the bike and head North!

Track Notes

Distance: 0 Km
Expenses: SG$ 96.83
Comments: Coyhaique is a nice town. Expensive as it's all been in Patagonia, but a good place to resupply and carry on.