QuickPeek: Brutal Climb. Ride. Tortel!

The refugio had a bit of benches and I decided to sleep on it. Unfortunately the slats were a bit out of order and It was hard to sleep in. I ventually lay down on the ground and though it was cold, it was a better place to sleep anyway. I was up at 7, but didn’t want to get out until there was a bit of sun and eventually got out at 8:30 am. It was a nice morning, a bit overcast, but the sun seemingly poking out a bit.

I made some coffee and b’fast and as we were eating cyclists, hitch hikers and other tourists showed up to catch the boat. They ahd just missed the 10 am ferry and there was a nice bunch hanging out. The person managing the dock, Carlos, came too and we chatted up a little bit and he was interested in the idea that we spent time working in farms, he had recently bought himself some land and wanted to do something with it. He wanted to invite us to his place so that we could share some of our experiences and ideas for his camp. Sounded like a good idea and I noted down his place (on our route) and started our day. Pretty much after noon.

The road was a straight up climb and we had to huff and puff our way on every singly bit of climb. We ahd a 400 m climb to do and it seemed like we were climbing 20% hills constantly and then follow it with a flat or a downhill and repeat. It was hard work, but luckily we had a bit of sun and the weather was gorgeous. We had just got up to the summit, when Carlos showed up in his Truck and reminded us to head up to his place. I asked him if he could give us a ride to the town of Caleta Tortel and he was glad to do so. Sweet.

It turned out that we had just summited the hill and it was pretty much down hill most of the way, with a few uphills thrown in. Once on the other side, the ride was falt all the way to Tortel and we ended up at the carpark.

Tortel is an interesting town, Flori had told us about the place and about hos beautiful it was. The place was indeed lovely. The entire village had been built up on a cliff and the only way to move about in this town is through the elaborate set of boardwalks and stairs. We had planned to stay the night here and of course with the number of stairs in view, wanted to find a place as close to the car park as possible. We found a nice little place with a couple of other cyclists and decided to stay even though it was a bit pricy. Turned out the entire town had warmed up for tourism and was pricy anyway.

We walked about Tortel which was pretty interesting and the place was picturesque! A pretty unique little place this! Thanks Flori for recommending this to us!

Track Notes

Route: Puerto Yungay to Caleta Tortel
Distance: 8 Km
Road: Packed Gravel
Traffic: Super Light.
Services: None. Small store in puerto Yungay, Groceries in Caleta Tortel.
Expenses: SG$ 51.97
Comments: Well, though the route was absolutely stunning, I was glad to have a ride.