QuickPeek: Rest. Holed in.

Yes, we are just starting on Carratera Austral and we already are having days off, heh! Well the reality is that the weather seemed to be turning pretty lousy and every morning, it was nearly impossible to start the day early and try to get out of the warm blankets when the outside temperature was 3C. Dang. One of the days, we heard of a rockfall and the road being blocked off for traffic. Well, with the roaring winds and rain in the air, we decided to stay in one day after another.

We had found a decent accommodation – though pricy, we had been offered off season rates as it was already March. Ouch. I hope the weather change is just a short term thing and we manage to get some good days of riding and enjoying the Carratera Austral. This part of the world is incredibly beautiful and such a popular route for cyclists. We tend to meet dozens if not more cyclists coming into town every day! We met a few people headed North and the majority were obviously heading south.

The town of O’Higgins was pretty simple, spruced up for the tourism industry, but otherwise nothing much happening here. There were a couple of markets (not exactly super), but good for basic supplies at pretty up-scale prices. The cheapest options for eating was freshly made bread by the various little Panaderias and we spent the days watching movies and waiting out the weather. Our hostel was pretty nice and friendly and quiet and was a good place to hole up before heading out in the rain someday.

Track Notes

Distance: 0 Km
Expenses: SG$ 93.22
Comments: NIce to be warm when it was raining out!