QuickPeek: Boat Ride.

I was up at 7ish but was not ready to get out of my cozy sleeping bag and tent, so when the captain of the first boat tried to coax me to join him at 8:30, I decided to sleep in instead and thanked him. By the time I actually got up it was 10 Am and my body was hurting all over. Well the good thing about the muscle ache is that it helps build stronger ones and I was happy that we both made out of this section with no broken bones and just some scratches.

We had all day left to hang out and given the day was stunning and the views beautiful, it was easy to hang out. Made a leisurely b’fast and coffee and sat around enjoying the breeze and the views till afternoon. Around 2 pm we decided to head to the Jetty and wait for the evening boat. As we got there, there were 4 more North bound cyclists and a few backpackers too. Given we had a couple of hours to kill I decided to look at our brakes. Turned out all of our brakes were shot and Krista’s rear brake pads were worn to the metal bits and was starting to damage the rims. Ouch. Caught that just in time.

I cleaned up my bike and got on to changing all the brakes. It was a pretty day and it was fun working on the bikes and a good distraction from the body ache. heh. The boat seemed to be delayed and showed up at 5 pm and they took our bikes and bags and we hopped into the cozy insides as it started to drizzle. Good timing there.

The route on lago O’Higgins was longer and for the money, better value than the one on Lago Desierto. Also it was nice that they would take credit card, a good option to avoid bank charges at the ATM. We got to the North end of Lago O’Higgins at 8:30 with little light to spare and a bit of rain in the sky. It was a 7 km ride into town to find any camping with services and other amenities. As we got to town, we met the 3 hitch hikers from Santiago and they recommended a nice cozy hostel to stay in. We didn’t need much more reason to stop and popped into the hostel for a good nights sleep.

Track Notes

Route: O'Higgins Ferry Terminal to Villa O'higgins
Distance: 8 Km
Road: Gravel
Traffic: None.
Services: None enroute. Reasonable markets and panaderias in Villa O'higgins.
Expenses: SG$ 43.76
Comments: Well next time the breaks screech, I am going to check on the condition of the pads.