QuickPeek: Bypass. Boat trip. Awesome Camping.

Our time in El Calafate with our amazing host and friend, David, had to come to an end. We had a really lovely dinner with all of us, including his friends, Damian and Mary, accompanied by amazing food, Krista’s Salad and Sophie’s incredible Desserts. I am going to miss this place and the small group we had formed in the few days. David felt like a friend I’ve had for a long time, though e have met barely a few days ago. It’s the magic of a life like this, I believe I have to get to these places to meet long lost friend’s I didn’t even know I’ve had 🙂

In the morning, We packed up and David was giving us a ride up to El Chalten. We packed the bikes up, packed up Sophie’s hand made Granola bars and got on the road. Originally we planned to ride out of town to avoid getting the cops questioning David about bikes on his official vehicle. But David decided he could work around it and as we approach the city entrance, we got off and rode 500 m to avoid the cops, packed the bikes on again and drove the rest of the way! Sweet!

David mentioned that there was a diesel shortage in Calafate due to some accident and he was running on his last supplies. We didn’t want him to trouble himself, but he wouldn’t listen and decided to take us all the same. We had a nice drive on the, now familiar, route and before long came into El Chalten. David decided to give us a further ride along the road to El Desert and eventually we stopped almost at the entrance of the lake and bid farewell to David and Sophie. Sophie was continuing her journey northward and we wished her the best. It was amazing time we’ve had here and I suppose it is going to be a good memory for a long time.

We rode to Ligo Desert which was just about 3 km away (as opposed to David suggesting it was 10 km more) and we parked up the bikes and waited for the 4:30 PM Boat to cross the lake. This crossing was very expensive (40 USD) and we had no choice really. We hung out for a few hours and packed the bikes up and sailed the 1 hr to the other side. The weather as we waited had cleared up and we had a stunning view of Fitz Roy as we went along the lake. really incredible. The glaciers were melting along the sides of the lake and the ensuing waterfalls were incredibly beautiful.

On the North end of the Lake, the Argentinian Immigration office was located and we were allowed to camp by the lake, There were a couple of backpackers camping there and as I setup camp, South bound cyclists started showing up one after another and by the time I went to sleep, there must have been at least 15 cyclists and a dozen backpackers. Interesting! It was a crowder camp site, but the space was huge and with access to a river and the views of Fitz Roy as the sun set, it was really beautiful place to be.

Tomorrow is going to be a tough one and we decided to knock off after a good sized dinner and Hoping the weather would stay beautiful for the hike the bike awaiting us.

Track Notes

Route: 4 km to Lago Desierto
Distance: 4 Km
Road: Gravel
Traffic: None
Services: None
Expenses: SG$ 59.92
Comments: Thank you David. I cannot describe the Amistad in words.