QuickPeek: Rest. Sightseeing. Cooking.

I had a great night’s sleep and got up in time to catch David and Mauricio preparing coffee! Sweet! I had a bit of b’fast and met their other guest Sofia, from France. This being a Sunday, David said that he liked to make a Carne Asado and offered to make some barbecued peppers for me. That was sweet. We headed in to the Supermarket and bought some supplies. I offered to cook a dinner and bought some veggies and supplies too.

Once back home, David set up his BBQ, which was a slow burning and meditative process. We had some wine as he relished the process of setting up and making the Asado! He also roasted bell peppers and filled them with eggs! turned out amazing! A real good idea for some future eating I suppose!

We had a nice lunch and around 4 pm, David suggested that we head out to one of his favorite spots in the vicinity. Awesome! Mauricio packed up some Mate, and David drove us to a place called Lago Roca, about 45 k’s from town. The route was pretty. The mountains were very wild west, and the weather was stunning. The light playing on the hills and steppes was really pretty and given the distance we were going, I was pretty sure I might not have planned to come here on my bike.

The end of the route was a bit of a forested area with some camp sites and numerous Estancias along the way. We had some beautiful views of Lago Roca, Glacier Perito Moreno in the distance and the stunning Andes as the backdrop. It was absolutely gorgeous. David mentioned that he used to live for a while at the Forest ranger’s hut and knew the neighbourhood intimately. He took us to a small site where they had discovered cave paintings dating back about 10,000 years! We walked up a little bit to get a stunning view of the region and also spent some time by the lake. The place was pretty special, and the day wad gorgeous to appreciate the rugged wilderness.

We rode back on a different route and got a view of Lago Argentina which was fed by the Glacier! the blue of the lake was intense and a stark contrast to the golden hues of the Steppes. We got home around 8 pm and I figured I’d make a bit of a dinner. Some Coconut rice, Lemon rice and a Jalfrezi was easy to whip up and David was really happy as it surprisingly reminded him of flavors from his homeland, Bolivia! Say what!! Bolivia, incidentally, has spicy food and I might be out of the crazy blandness soon!!

We had a long chat thro the night and I learnt that David built his very sizeable house, single handed. Literally! He worked alone to build the entire house!! He was a veterinary Doc and figured nothing is impossible!! Pretty inspiring chap. It was nice to swap stories with him and it was late in the night before I knocked off!

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Comments: An incredible Excursion to lago Roca