QuickPeek: Recovery. Rest. Good times.

Punta Arenas, the home for a fellow traveller and a friend I met all the way back in Panama City! Flori and Victor invited us kindly into their home and it had been absolutely amazing to spend these days with them! Flori is a super girl spends her weekdays working at the best cafe in town and spends the weekend being an absolutely best tour guide in Torres Del Paine!! Victor is a silversmith and makes incredibly detailed handcrafted jewellery! Our hosts have been really wonderful, especially given the situation I had been in.

Seems like somewhere along the route in Tierra Del Fuego, I had picked up a skin ailment. It had been slow to emerge, but by the time I was in Punta arenas, I had numerous pimple like scars on my wrist. Initially I thought it was a bacterial infection, but a visit to the doctor pointed the diagnosis to mites, may be some form of Scabies. Bummer. It spreads by contact and I had to take precautions to avoid as much contact with things at home and doing daily shower and Laundry!

Flori and Victor were super gracious and didn’t even bat an eyelid when I needed to stay for a week to go thro the cleansing treatment. Thanks guys! I had to make a couple of visits to the public clinic to see a doc for diagnosis and treatment. It seems like I have kicked it already after treating every piece of clothing and even washing my sleeping bag and jackets and ready to hit the Carratera Austral.

One of the weekend’s Flori invited us to join her to Torres Del Paine where she was guiding a small group. It was a great opportunity to visit Torres Del Paine which I might have skipped otherwise due to the big detour I’d have to make to get there. Torres was a beautiful park, pretty expensive to enter, but really a special place. Flori’s enthusiasm for the park, its Flora & Fauna and the mountains was infectious and it was lovely to see it with her! We had a great tour and visited numerous beautiful spots without huffing and puffing thro on a loaded bike! Awesomeness!!

I spent the time visiting numerous cafes in town and figured out that Cafe Tostada, the one where Flori works in makes the best coffee and is priced reasonably too. Otherwise walking about town was a good way to spend time and take in the sleepy little town of Punta Arenas. Towards the end of my time in town, Victor was participating in a medieval fair to showcase his craft. The fair was organised by the Tolkien Society and it was pretty cute!

Overall, I feel absolutely lucky that I landed in Punta Arenas with FLori and Victor as hosts! The knowledge about the region that Flori shared has been invaluable! It was a bit of unlucky for us that we could not take a boat into Carratera Austral (From Puerto Natales to Puerto Yungay) and instead have to ride thro some boring, flat and windy ruta 40 in Argentina. Ah well, next time I will try the boat. Thanks Flori & Victor for being so awesome!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 358.51
Comments: I went to Torres Del Paine, but the time spent with Flori and Victor was the real highlight!