QuickPeek: Ferry. Rest!

It was nice to have a good shower and sleep in a comfy bed in Porvenir. We got a pretty simple b’fast which was included as part of the bed. It was overall pricy but it was ok given that we managed to ride thro the whole of Tierra Del Fuego, against the wind and had some rough patches to contend with. The bikes were pretty roughed up due to the mud and rain and gravel roads and glad that it all came thro in one piece. The plan today was to head out of Porvenir to Punta Arenas via Ferry. We had to stay the night in Poevenir mainly because the ferry was not operational on Mondays.

I woke up at 8 (seems like the normal wake up time here) and after a bit of b’fast and relaxation, we packed up and headed to the Ferry at 11ish. It was a 5 km ride from town in the flats and I noticed that the wind had picked up a bit! So lucky that we managed to avoid the wind in the last couple of days!! The tickets were 6200 CLP per person and bikes travelled for free! Awesome!! I didn’t have much cash with me, but managed just enough to buy the tickets. Turned out that one could buy with Argentinian pesos too, though the exchange rate was pretty poor. The ferry was a big one and carried trucks and numerous cars. The Passenger seating area was pretty plush and the ride was pretty smooth and slow. I read a book and dozed off for a bit and after a couple of hours, we were at Punta Arenas!

We got off the ferry and rode up to meet our friend Flori, who we had met many months back in Panama!! She’s decided to make Punta Arenas her home and we were looking forward to seeing her. We rode up to Cafe Tostada where she was working and met up with her. Sweet! We decided to hang out a bit and catch up with her while getting some good coffee and some tacos for dinner! Awesomeness! Around 7 pm or so, we decided to head out to her home and took directions and rode up. Of course there was a good 10% hill to climb before finishing the day!

We got home and Flori’s boyfriend Victor, who was a silver smith, invited us in. He was a lovely chap too and was finishing up some of the work he was doing, which was incredible!! We hung out with Flori and Victor in the evening and she had some amazing amount of information about the region and the logistics of travelling around. I suppose we might stay at Punta Arenas for a few days awaiting a package. So it will be some good rest days with friends and hopefully some good plans on the ride ahead.

Track Notes

Route: Porvenir to Punta Arenas
Distance: 15 Km
Road: Asphalt
Traffic: Heavy
Services: Punta Arenas has full services.
Expenses: SG$ 45.90
Comments: First of numerous boat crossings to come.