QuickPeek: Rain. Mud. Grit. Gravel.

Maria, the cook at the Estancia, told me in the evening that there was no Ferry service on Monday. Oh dang. So she asked us to relax and sleep in and leave when we feel fully rested. We took her advice and after a huge meal I knocked off. I was up at 8, bummer. But it was raining. It had rained all night and seemed like the rain was here to stay for the day. There was no wind at all though.

We decided to wait and see about the weather and given we had only 40 K’s to go, we had plenty of time to do it in and no hurry to leave the cozy house. We lit up some fire and stayed warm while having b’fast and mate. Around noon, the rain was still going strong, so we decided to make a run for it so we could get to Porvenir in time to find a decent place to stay in.

The over night rain had made the gravel road very muddy and trying to pick a line avoiding the road burrs or puddles was a bit of a challenge. The rain was not too strong, but enough to keep everything wet. Bummer. It was humid and my glasses got fogged too. It took a while to get some warmth in the muscles and get going. There was not much traffic today as the ferry was not working and we had a reasonably quiet ride except for the weather.

The road was rolling hills and each of them at 10% to 15% grades. It was a bit of a workout. We decided to stop for a break even though it was raining and the hot coffee was great to have on the side of the road. The rain eased up after a while and it was just a long slow grind the rest of the way.

We we got to the final hill towards Porvenir, it was lovely to see the small colourful village after many days in the back country. It’s hard to describe the feeling of seeing a store with veggies after a week away from eating anything fresh. It was lovely indeed. We rode around town to look for a cheap place to stay, but turned out this tiny village was pretty pricy indeed. We had to stay at a small home run hostel for 12000 chilean pesos (25 SGD!!) though it included a pretty simple b’fast. I walked about to a store and got some eggs and made some scramble to eat with some buns I picked up. The meal cost about 1500 each! Dang a roof is expensive in these parts.

Anyhow, we had a nice warm place to sleep in and after a week of being on the back country, It was ok to splurge a little for a hot shower!

Track Notes

Route: Estancia (before Estancia Fortuna) to Porvenir
Distance: 40 Km
Road: Gravel road, Sticky in the rain.
Traffic: Light to None (On Monday when Ferry is not working).
Services: None
Expenses: SG$ 29.54
Comments: We had to have a rainy day eh! Fits in with the variations.