QuickPeek: Loose Gravel. Rolling hills. Warm. No wind!

It was a big sheep party outside and it felt like I was in a shawn the sheep sketch. One of the farmers would shout incoherent words like the master in the show and there were enough dogs. The sheep were hilarious, they’d make a chorus and invariably one of them would be out of tune. One could imagine serious drama in the herd, heh. In the night the bleeting piped down and I got some real good sleep. It was a cold night and was really chilly when I got up. Still, had to get the day going and I was up at 8 and made b’fast and coffee and thanked the farmers and headed out.

It was a beautiful day without clouds and more importantly, without wind too! Awesome. The road was a bit shitty though with lots of loose gravel and it was hard to find a line to ride on. We got to the crossroads where traffic from San Sebastian would join in. I was ready to look for someone who would give us a ride to Porvenir, but being a Sunday, seemed like most of the traffic was heading the other way. Ah well, got to put the head down and slog I suppose. Some one mentioned that the road was good, but honestly it was rubbish. Loose gravel and no single line to take to avoid them. It was a lot of work to keep the bike from losing traction and I was working hard at it. In addition, the traffic had increased substantially and every few minutes I’d have to protect myself from asshole drivers who wouldn’t slow down. They would throw dust and gravel on me. The bastards. Some fellers were super nice and would slow down to a crawl to let me pass.

It was rolling hills all day long and was a super workout for me. My shoulders and lower back took a lot of beating and I figured at the first break that I would not get to Porvenir by today. Ah well, we had enough food and there were some estancias along the way, so it should be ok I reckon.

We rode on for another 30 k’s and stopped again for a quick lunch. I was hurting by this time and was crawling even on flats at 9 kmh. There was a gentle headwind too which was not too difficult to ride thro, but still added a little resistance. We decided to stop at the next possible location and after about 20 more k’s, we found a pretty lovely looking estancia and thought we should ask them for shelter.

A nice old lady, Maria, who was the cook and caretaker of the houses invited us and took us to a nicely furnished house with dorm beds and kitchen and a wood burning stove and asked us to sleep in there! Sweet! She was happy to receive cyclists as it was quite a bit of pass time and she said she’d look out for someone coming along at a distance and hope they would knock her doors. Sweet!! We had a huge meal and I was super tired after the toil of the day and knocked off even before it got dark!

Track Notes

Route: Estancia Caleta Josefina to Estancia (Before Estancia Fortuna)
Distance: 63 Km
Road: Loose gravel
Traffic: Moderate (on Sunday). With some really rough drivers.
Services: None. Estancias along the way.
Expenses: SG$ 0
Comments: I guess too many days on gravel rattles all my joints too much. Need Rest.