QuickPeek: No Wind. Tailwind. Sunny. Gorgeous. Incredible Sleeping option.

It rained all night last night and We were glad to be under a roof yet again. I am all for camping out for staying, but with cold rain like this, I am better off sleeping under a roof with doors and walls πŸ™‚ It was a cold night, but was real lovely to be inside my sleeping bag which kept me cozy. I was up at 7, but decided to laze around a bit and got up at 8 AM. I made some b’fast, coffee and then headed to the office up front to get the paper work done to leave Argentina. This was a pretty chill operation and once done, we got on the road again.

There was a small makeshift bridge to get across to the Chilean side and we rode in to the immigration office. We had to wake them up (even though it was 10:30) and they were real friendly chaps. Seemed like if one is going to sleep in the border, the Argentinian side is a better bet with a building. The chilean side didn’t seem to ave any free cabins available for random people to sleep in. Once we were done with the paper work, we started to ride up. The day was pretty cold, but luckily there was no wind in sight! We took that opportunity and ride hard to cover much distance.

The route was pretty this side as we rode thro some woods and it was really lovely for a change. There was a nice long descent and we got to a turnoff with some buildings near an airport. We stopped for a snack and a Scot showed up on a bike and he was heading South. We shared some travel info and headed on our way. The Spot was great to take a toilet break too. Once we left it, there was a couple of buildings that belonged to estancias. But otherwise it was pretty barren. Today being real quiet wind wise, we were able to ride some distance. I think on another day with heavier winds, we might not be able to cover much and might have had to camp out in the wild.

However, with the light conditions and with a bit of sun to aid, we had a really enjoyable ride. There were a couple of short and stiff hills (at 15%) along the way and got thro them with a nice coffee break in between. The road turned a bit loose at some point and with all the bumps, some of the screws on my bike came loose. At one point, my front rack was barely hanging on! Luckily I spotted it before it could do more damage and even more luckily, I had a pretty perfect sized spacer that I probably picked up somewhere along the road many months back. I stopped to fix the rack and made sure all the screws were tightened and headed along.

A few k’s down, we spotted Parador Russfin with promise of bed and food! Awesome. It turned out to be a wood factory and when we talked to one of the guys, he mentioned that we will not be able to stay. Bummer. However, he came back in a few minutes and told us there was a free dorm and we can sleep in and have a hot shower and eat at the canteen! We had a really good Egg Sandwich which hit the spot after a few days of Polenta, heh. This was a posh place and we were lucky to have found amazing accommodation and a great place with electricity and wifi, none the less!!! If you are passing thro here, do peek in and try your luck!

Track Notes

Route: Dest Radman to Parador Russfin
Distance: 64 Km
Road: hard packed Mud / Gravel. Some loose gravel in parts.
Traffic: Low - None
Services: None. A kitchen in Parador Russfin where one can buy food!
Expenses: SG$ 10.94
Comments: An absolutely stunning day with little or even tail winds at times! I can really enjoy riding these conditions.