QuickPeek: Hot. Flat. Good Host!

Gabi’s place is a bit of a vortex. If we didn’t have other plans to be in Buenos Aires for New year’s, we could have gladly stayed for a few weeks I reckon. The food was good, place was super friendly and work was interesting, what else matters eh! So given we did have plans, we decided to start today towards Argentina. We had a couple of options heading out towards Colonia Del Sacramento, a 40+ k Day to Libertad or a 110+ k day to Nueva Helvecia. We eventually decided to take it easy and do a 40 K day as the day’s forecast was for some intense heat.

It was nearly 10 before we started and we bid farewell to the crew at Interior Profundo and headed on our way. We had a short bit of ride on the inland road, away from the highway and it was pleasant. once we got on the highway, it wasn’t too bad, but just a bit boring. We rode on as the day got warmer and eventually we got to Libertad. This was a small town with Agricultural industries, soy farms, chemicals and what not. Not the prettiest place, but a quiet town with services. We had a Warmshowers host who had seen us in town and waved to us. We got to his place which had a nice big yard with a lots of farm implements and 4 really big and sweet dogs.

Edgard was a nice feller with a good heart. He was always joking and given his strong accent and rapid speaking, we never got the jokes, until he’d explain it 4 times, heh. His Son Paulo showed up to use his father’s workshop to paint his motorbike. He was a nice kid and a good artist. We had fun chatting with them and we were happy to be indoors in the intense heat. In the workshop, I decided to lower my rear rack a little bit. I hadn’t adjusted the surly rack since I had switched it and I had been getting a lot of rear end fish-tailing because the load was a bit too high. Edgard was a carnivore to the core and was not sure what to feed us. We were happy to make something for ourselves, but he insisted on making something and eventually made a huge fruit salad! Each of us had 5 servings and there was still some leftover! It tasted great though and after the head of the day, a cooling hit of fruits was what was in order!

In the evening, Edgard took us to the beach around there (about 15 km from town) and it was nice to see the sunset over a river delta! The Rio del Plata was pretty wide at this point – 40 km he said. We hung out a bit and he talked about how farming is changing in these parts and the industrialised agriculture is taking root with bigger and bigger equipments. We had some pizza for dinner and headed back. I was a short but extremely hot day and I got to sleep the moment I hit the tent.

Track Notes

Route: Interior Profundo to Libertad
Distance: 47 Km
Road: Asphalt, Highway Shoulder.
Traffic: Moderate
Services: Frequent
Expenses: SG$ 8.57
Comments: Short hot day, camping among agricultural implements!