QuickPeek: Work for Stay. Hike. Sand Dunes.

The day was gorgeous and we planned to go int the Sand dunes of Cabo Polonio. We had met a couple Pedro and Asia who were also cycling and decided to join them to the boat crossing, hoping to get a discount on the 20m stream crossing. They were preparing to leave on the day and had a few things to take care of and so we waited for them and it was nearly 11 when we headed out.

The short walk to the stream and then we got to the dunes after the boat ride (literally 30 secs and 20 m in low tide. Dang. the dner were lovely and the weather was gorgeous. It presented a variety of opportunity for photography, but shooting sand dunes is not an easy task. It was nice walking about chatting with the new friends and looking for photo op!

We got to the top of a rocky hill where the views were gorgeous. I can see the appeal for this national park. The beaches were lovely and super isolated, though in peak summer there might be much more people I reckon. We walked down for a bit and decided to turn back. We planned to work 3 hours to compensate for teh camping fees and so we left Pedro and Asia and headed back.

Once back, we got some supplies and made lunch. We spotted a cool hostel being decorated with mud and horse poop and of course we walked in to find out more. Turned out he was a resident artist and had built up an incredibly creative living space and it was wonderful to walk thro the numerous rooms and see some of the brilliantly done up interior. Awesome.

Back at the camp site, we were tasked to chop off palm fronds. It was a bit of a work with a blunt hacksaw and 10 inch long spikes. We got thistles all over, but it was nice to do some work with hands for a change. Once that was done, we made some dinner, caught up with Pedro and Asia and headed to sleep. Turned out the little settlement of Cabo Polonio which we missed to see was pretty beautiful indeed with seals and some nice bit of architecture! Ah well.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 7.14
Comments: Cabo Polonio was a nice enough place for me to have ridden 300k's for a second visit.