QuickPeek: Flat. Hot. Pretty.

We had options for today but we really wanted to get to El Tesoro by evening so that we will be rested for hanging out With Julian on his B’day. We had a pretty decent forecast of side and possibly light head winds, but with a warm day in the offing. I knew the route well and apart from the small hill before heading into Punta Del Este, it was a fairly trouble free and a reasonably picturesque ride along the coast.

The Bomberos were really nice to us and we made some b’fast and coffee and hit the road by 7 AM. The idea was to beat the heat and try to cover as much distance as we could before the sun got too warm to ride. The route in my head was pretty nicely thought out. A cool morning ride to Piriapolis. Route around the coast along Punta Colorada and Punta Negra. make a brief lunch stop at a ‘posh’ gas station, climb the hill to Punta Ballenas, ride along the coast to Punta del Este and then we were on the home stretch to find the undulating bridge.

The ride went as planned and it was surprisingly nice to be back on the same spots and see it from a different direction. The weather is so much different from a couple of weeks back, but it was pretty all the same. We did the route as planned and got to Punta Del Este pretty much on schedule and rode up to El Tesoro to meet Julia and Julian! It was nice to meet them and their roomie Valeria again. We hung out in the evening watching the sunset and knocked off early from the bit f heat induced stupor.

Track Notes

Route: Parque Del Plata to El Tesoro
Distance: 106 Km
Road: Asphalt.
Traffic: Light - Moderate
Services: Plenty.
Expenses: SG$ 7.14
Comments: Revisiting spots is pretty uncommon in my style of travel these days, but its refreshing really.