QuickPeek: Hot. Flat. Headwinds. Bomberos!

Today we decided to head out of Montevideo and explore the coast a bit more. We decided to keep the plan flexible for the restart in terms of distance. We figured we could go to Lucia’s place at 40 k’s, a potential Bomberos at 60 or the Periapolis Bomberos at 105 km. So with the options wide open, we figured we can ride as far as we could.

We were on the road at 8:30 after a b’fast. But with the sun coming up at 5:30, it was already warm at 8:30. Suppose we were in for a hot ride. The breeze was nice, but of course it was coming from the wrong side – North East, where we were headed to. Dang. We bid farewell to Emilio, for the moment, and headed towards the Ramble to head out of town. The headwind was not strong, but stiff enough to make the ride out a workout. The route was pretty with a lot of localc jogging and walking their dogs. Neat.

We rode up about 25 k’s or so and made a brief stop for some coffee at a petrol station. We regrouped and assessed our route options and figured we could push on for Piriapolis, but it would make sense to make a short day given the heat and wind and stop at the Bomberos in Parque Del Plata. I’d have loved to stop by at Lucia’s place, but that would mean a much longer day tomorrow. Ah, well.

We rode up and as we passed Pinamar, we did a quick lunch break and the sun was pretty intense by this time and we confirmed the sensible choice would be to stop soon and stay out of the sun. We tok a coastal route at Atlantida and headed to the Bomberos at Parque Del Plata. The bomberos were really friendly and let us hang out the rest of the afternoon and also stay there. Cristiana had mentioned that as a single lady, Bomberos were generally not letting her sleep in. I was surprised, but then it made sense. With us, they suggested that we should camp out and that was great. So on the restart, we seem to be steady and things fall in place as they usually do after a few days of riding!

Track Notes

Route: Montevideo to Parque Del Plata
Distance: 57 Km
Road: Asphalt.
Traffic: Moderate.
Services: Plenty.
Expenses: SG$ 6.22
Comments: The days are getting really hot. I suppose real early starts are important to get some distance in.