QuickPeek: Rest. Party. No Pepe. Tattoo. Birthday!

Montevideo is a pretty neat town. As it is with most big cities, my experience and views are completely based on the people I get to meet and hangout with. In that, I have struck jackpot! Emilio and his circle of friends were not only people with positive vibes, they were also hot on the pulse of the local cycling community and loved hanging out. The few days I spent here were truly incredible. It was relaxing and at the same time had the ability to have good chats and understanding of the local scene. I can see the allure of this small town, for a capital city its really quaint and the old city quarter is great to explore on foot or on bike. There are shit tons of parks and plazas where one could hang out and generally we’d hang out at a different plaza each day sipping mate and chatting. Pretty sweet.

Emilio was kind enough to invite us to some of the gatherings with his friends. On Saturday, I joined them to the “Libera Tu Bici” – a local weekly project where people come up to a makeshift repair station and can fix up their bikes. Mechanics and anyone who can fix bikes help out others who need help and people can learn how to fix things. There are spares and used parts, salvaged from other bikes and from around town and if one needed, they could set up a complete bike with used frames and components! Absolutely awesome! I helped a couple of people to fix their bikes and that felt good.

Krista finished up her project in Brazil and took a bus down to Montevideo. It was nice to get together again and we spend the next couple of days planning our ride out. Christiana was going to visit the house of Mujica and invited us to join her. We thought that was a great idea and rode with her to the farm where he stays. Unfortunately he had gone to cuba for Fidel’s funeral and we had to come back some other time to be able to meet him. Mujica was the President of Uruguay (till 2015) and during his term and after retirement, he lives in a small farm outside of the city with his wife, 3 legged dog and beat up old Beetle. We met his head of security, who was a really nice chap and told us stories of the many people who come to meet him and how Mujica would politely meet them in between his farm work, working with children and any other official duties he had. Incredible. I would love to come back and meet him for sure.

My B’day was on the 29th and its 5th year in a row I am in a different country with strangers and friends and it’s wonderful that it’s continuing the trend. Emilio and his friend Samut had a friend and tattoo artist and I decided since I had my really neat little artwork from my friend in Brazil, I might make up a Brazil-Uruguay tattoo when I could. I met the tattoo artist and he was a nice chap and happy to work with me and so I got inked! yay!

After another day’s rest, we planned to head out Eastward, the same route I had rode, towards Cabo Polonia. I have made some good contacts along the way and it would be nice to ride up and meet them. Also the coast is super beautiful and it definitely is nice to do a double take on the route. We planned to come back to Montevideo for the Critical mass on the 11th of Dec and probably a couple more days exploring town when we do come back!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 115.26
Comments: With the right people around, I really can enjoy cities.