QuickPeek: Rest. Pride.

After the tiring ride yesterday, It was lovely to have a nice roof over my head and some really lovely kids for company. Livia and her friends, Nat, Tales, Paulo, Pedro and all the others were fun company and it was nice hanging out with them. I had not much to do in town and had time till the 15th to leave the country. I decided not rush out of this town and instead take a bus out. So the only thing I really needed to do was to buy tickets.

One of these days, I rode into town and bought my tickets to head to the border. Turned out the website that everyone recommends to check out bus schedules has only partial info and there is a lot more options once one chess specific bus companies or visits teh bus station. The Tickets were pricy, but I didn’t have much of a choice with my exit deadline looming.

In the evening, Nat and Tales wanted to show me the lake and a couple of spots nearby and we rode our bikes down. It was the weekend and they had shutdown a large portion of roads and I was surprised that they had ciclovia all weekend (every weekend) and it was lovely to see people walking and biking around with Mate and hot water in hand and enjoying the beautiful sunset. We rode up to a old Power station that was converted to an exhibition space and it was a pretty sweet building. I have seen so many abandoned spaces around, I think converting old mills and barns into performance arena is a great way to put them back to use.

On Sunday Livia invited me to join her to the Central park. I did so and it turned out that it was the annual Pride parade!! They have been celebrating Pride in Porto Alegre for 20 years and the turnout was incredible. Livia was part of the Trans enem group, a collective to support Transgender rights in the Education sector. Pretty neat. This was my first Pride and I was given some face paint and walked along with the bunch waving flags and generally being cheery. There were numerous performances by leading Drag Queens from around the region and it was fun with all the flamboyant dresses, over the top stage work and general screaming and shouting. I suppose there is a bit of overlap in the styles and dances with the Carnival eh! It was a pretty awesome way to finish up my time in Brazil. I’d love to come back soon.

I bid farewell to Livia and rode my bike to the bus station at 8 pm and got there before it got too dark. For the price the bus was fancy and pretty comfortable to sleep in.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 81.89
Comments: I didn’t expect much, but Porto Alegre is a pretty fine city after all.