QuickPeek: Flat. Tailwind. Headwind. Rain. Unplanned hills.

I had planned to get to Porto Alegre today, but with 200+ km it wasn’t going to be feasible. My host Souza offered to give me a ride about half way and it was incredibly wonderful of him to do so. We planned an early start, and did get on the road with the car at 8ish. The route to Osorio was flat and was full of Pine and eucalyptus plantations. We got to the town of Osorio and Souza offered to drive up the hill for a bit of look-see. However, it was cloudy this morning and the promised view was obscured. We got back to the highway and had a bit of coffee before I bid farewell and got on the road at 11:11.

I had noted the weather report and it was mostly a tail wind for me with a bit of headwind towards the evening. I took advantage of the good conditions and rode hard to get to town before it got dark. The route was flat with gentle hills and pretty boring to be honest. The difficult bit was the lack of any Petrol stations which, in Brazil, are excellent spots for a refresher and a drink. I was getting hungry as I kept riding and it was nearly 70 kms before I spotted the first town.

By this time the wind had changed directions and with another 35 km to go and me pushing 4 pm already, I decided to head home to Livia’s place. Livia is the twin sister of Larisse, whom I had met in Manaus way back in April. The major reason for getting to Porto Alegre was to meet Livia and potentially take a bus to speed up my exit from Brazil. I kept riding in the mild headwind and as I got closer to town, the traffic started to get heavier. Just before I got off the highway, some idiots in a car threw a water bottle on me. It seemed to be deliberate as they honked and screamed as they went past. The bastards. Luckily I was near the exit and the traffic was slow. I got copped in the ribs, but not much damage done.

Once I got into town, there was an unexpected rain. Wasn’t sure where that came from. The traffic was chaotic and in the conditions it was difficult to navigate. I decided to follow the GPS and not bother looking for alternate routes. And the dear GPS of mine took me thro the shortest way which was up and over numerous hills. Son of a bitch. The climbs were intense, especially after a long day’s work and I had not much choice to put my head down and get it over with.

I got home around 6 pm and luckily it was still bright out. Livia and her housemates were really friendly kids and put me up with a coffee and some snacks. I was pretty tired after the day and decided to knock off soon enough.

Track Notes

Route: Osorio to Porto Alegre
Distance: 102 Km
Road: Asphalt with good shoulder. Highly recommend looping around town in Porto Alegre. Crossing thro the middle is not fun.
Traffic: Moderate. Shit tonnes in Porto Alegre.
Services: None for about 70 km from Osorio. Many in Porto Alegre.
Expenses: SG$ 9.69
Comments: The route is really blah. I suppose getting into the real flat lands has its drawbacks eh.