QuickPeek: Rest. Interviews. Cooking.

I had a good night’s sleep. There was a guy in the backyard where I was sleeping who was snoring super loud. It wasn’t a bother, but was noticeable whenever is come out of rem sleep.

My primary reason for staying was because I was asked to talk trip a bunch of school kids. But that didn’t pan out today, instead I had a pretty surreal list of activities.

Souza was a really lovely chap! He was wonderful in making sure I was taken care of. But he had a loose relationship with time and I wanted to make sure I’d be on my way tomorrow to Porto Alegre. The original offer was that he was going to town for some event and he’d drive me all the way. But when I tried to get more details, he realized that he had gotten the day wrong and wasn’t going after all. Bummer. But after going thro various thoughts, he offered to drive me half way there early in the morning so I could ride the rest of it before the end of the day tomorrow. Was nice of him to offer that and that would put me back on the same schedule. Sweet!

After a quick b’fast, we drove out a bit and ended up at the local newspaper for a quick interview. Uh, with my poor Portuguese, it was funny, but at least it would be written up by a professional later. We headed back to his shop and opened up for the day. Souza asked if I’d like to make some dinner in the evening and I was happy to oblige. We bought supplies and headed back home.

I made some lunch, pasta and a tomato sauce and just before we’d eat, I was whisked out again. Turned out, we were heading to a radio station and I was on the noon show! Well this was trickier than the morning one as I was on live and had no idea what the feller was talking about. I made my usual responses regardless of the question and sputtered the same stories randomly thro the interview. I suppose this would have been really funny to listen for those lunch time listeners, heh.

I relaxed in the afternoon and planned out the dinner. However, just before I’d start cooking, i was whisked out again this time to the Municipal Chamber meeting with people complaining about random things to the elected officials, it was funny to be in the middle of the whole event without any understanding of what’s going on. Ridiculous, but Super fun to be clueless and making up nonsensical storylines in my head. Heh.

I made some dinner and had a good evening of eating and chatting and went to sleep. Hoping the world will still exist tomorrow after the American Elections. Well May be I will wake up in a different matrix.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 9.69
Comments: Unplanned off day with random interviews.