QuickPeek: Bike Overhaul. Food Feasts. Rest.

Riding the rough stretch thro the beaches seemed to have shaken the bike up a bit. When I got home, I was super tired and though I had noticed the noise in the last leg, I figured I’d investigate it the next day. Nothing a bit of oil won’t fix eh. Well that had been my go to solution to most of the bike noises in the past, tighten some screws and oil some parts. And the bike had been running without much complaint all the while. But I suppose it’s a good idea to give it a good Look-see once in a while.

Sander and Tania were both very experienced Bike tourers and I figured they might know a good mechanic in town. Turned out that Sander had a friend, Anildo, a hobbyist mechanic who worked from home and a ardent bike tourer himself. That was cool and we decided to take the bike to him in the morning.

Sander had to go to work, but returned quickly with the post office truck and offered to take the bike in! Sweet! As I took the bike out, I realized that at some point yesterday, I had banged up the Front Derailer and it had been scraping on my big chain ring (hence the noise) and the tooth on that ring were ground down to nothing. Bummer. Lucky that Anildo would be able to look thro it and offer me advice. We brought the bike in and Anildo was a really sweet chap and said he’d do a complete clean up and adjust all parts.

In the evening, we went to pick the bike up and realized it was stripped to its bone. It was nice to see that the bike was clean as a whistle! But obviously it wasn’t ready for delivery. Anildo pointed out a bunch of issues he had spotted on the bike.

  • The rear hub flange was cracking (I suppose due to pretty strong loading from the spokes). We decided to keep it running.
  • Some bits of the rear derailer was worn out – had to be swapped out.
  • The Gear cable housing was broken and starting to rust – Needed both to be swapped out.
  • The headset was worn out – Needed adjustment.
  • Bottom bracket were a bit worn out too and one of the bearingsĀ needed to be changed.
  • Wheels needed to be trued.

That’s a bunch of showstoppers waiting to happen and I was glad Anildo was super competent and spotted all of them. I suppose if we hadn’t decided to do a complete overhaul, we might not have found these issues at all.

Sander was sweet and offered for me to stay here as many days as I wanted and I figured I’d rather wait than rush thro fixing the bike.

The next day we went back around 11 AM and Anildo had setup the bike already and it looked pristine. He fixed all the issues and switched out the big chain ring with another used one he had. This was smaller than my previous one, but I rarely use my big ring anyway. The rear hub was a bit of an issue and though as changing it would mean finding a good hub and rebuilding the wheel. I decided to carry on with the cracked hub for the moment, it may not be a catastrophic failure when it does break, but I will keep an eye on it and switch out when I find a good wheel builder in the future.

Once I got the bike in, I took the time to scrape off the rusted bits on the bike and the rack and did a paint touch up. My previous idea of using Duck tape to protect the racks was pretty lousy and I decided to try a different approach with inner tubes and cable ties to keep scratches and rust away. Let’s see how that fares.

On the other end, Sander and Tania were incredible passionate cyclists and it was really lovely to talk shop and travels with them. They are planning a long tour soon enough and we spent a lot of time looking thro maps, pictures and routes of other cyclists, he hee. The polish cyclist, Seweryn, was a really nice chap and I was thinking we could ride together for a few days going south, but he was on a much faster schedule and I planned to make a stop at Porto Alegre and our plans didn’t sync at this time. May be we’d ride together at a different time.

Tania was an incredible cook and I have been eating non stop since I have come here. Every meal she prepares is a feast and I was happy to contribute a bit of Coconut rice and Jalfrezi one night. It has been incredible and I suppose I might stay the weekend in full before heading out on Monday, heh.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 47.12
Comments: Bikes are amazing, Even when they fall apart, they do so gracefully.