QuickPeek: Hike. Beach. Rest.

My body was ready to hit the road in the morning, but Laura had told me that this stretch of beach was one of the prettiest one around and I should walk about and check it out myself. I figured, no harm in that, just a matter of stretching the riding days longer and decided to stay another day.

The day started bright and warm and that was a good thing since my clothes dried up quickly! yay! I made some coffee and joined Laura’s mate, Luisa, for a walk about. It was a short climb to a spot called Pedra do Urubu and the views from up there were stunning. I was surprised that the beach below had pretty much no one on it. I suppose the summer peak tourism hasn’t started yet. It looked like a good surf spot and I hung out soaking in the cool breeze and the warm sun.

Once we headed back, I made some sweet Crapioca with bananas (a good recipe this) which turned out almost like pancakes! I caught up on some writing and headed back out to the beach. It was still not high tide yet and it was a easy walk across the river to get to the beach. It was stunning stretch of beach with really lovely water. The wind made it a bit chilly, but teh sun nicely balanced the temperature. A pretty perfect day to be here I reckon.

I spotted some hills and crossed across another stream to go for a hike about. The trails were all over the place and pretty lovely to walk in. The hike was super easy, but once away from the main beach, the people pretty much disappeared and it was pretty much just me and a few birds in the other beaches. The water was a bit too cold for me in the open ocean and I headed back as the high tide came in.

I hung out in the afternoon in the hostel and made some dinner of lemon and coconut rice for Laura and Luisa. Worked out pretty well I should say.

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 13.64
Comments: The numerous short trails around the beach was incredible.