QuickPeek: TAIL WIND!! Overcast. Sun. Flat.

I was up early this morning and after considering the options, I figured I might skip going to Florianopolis. I have heard wondeful things about this island and probably it demands numerous days of exploring and visiting different parts of it. But given my looming deadline, I figured I’d keep my ride direct and skip Florianopolis. A bit further down from there is a hostel that’s run by Laura, Gabriel’s sister (the incredible artist I met in Curitiba). So I set my sights on that target and started my day.

We had a good b’fast and bid farewell to Andre and Morgana and headed out. As we hit the Highway, Krista and myself had opposite directions to head and I bid her farewell and got on the road. The ride was pretty boring as it was primarily on highway 101. It at least had a bit of a shoulder and the day started pretty cloudy and still. It was good riding conditions.

The road was pretty flat and I made good time heading towards Florianopolis. Once I hit the outskirts of Floripa (A local nickname for Florianopolis), The traffic got heavier and at the same time, there was an parallel secondary road. The route was a sequence of shopping malls and pretty unruly traffic. I guess my thoughts that Santa Catarina has the worst drivers was reaffirmed. I must have flipped off at least 20 drivers who passed inches away from me. The Bastards.

Once I got away from Floripa, the traffic eased up and I was back on 101. The views got prettier with beautiful mountains in the distance, both on mainland and on Floripa. I had picked up an incredible tailwind too and it was awesome riding at 25 kmph on the flats. Even hills were super fun to ride with the stiff tailwind. At 70 k’s or so, I decided to make a stop for some snacks and found a restaurant. The buffet style eating is pretty common here in Brazil and when I tell people that I do not eat meat (about 60% of the food is meat), they feel bad for me and it helps to ask for a discount then. I managed to get the 16 Reals buffet for 10 and had a cup of coffee. However, I couldn’t do much damage to the buffet as my stomach was stuffed a bit. I think I should make sure to eat as I start to get hungry.

After the break, I had a small hill to climb. It was a nice climb, but with no shoulder and just 2 lanes on the road, it was a bit trying to keep the bike on a tight line. The traffic was heavy and I was glad to finish the hill section. Once on the other side, I saw a turnoff towards a cove called Pinhiera. My map suggested that I could ride thro that instead of 101 and headed towards the beach. once I hit the beach, I realized the wide and packed sand was pretty neat to ride on and decided to do a beach ride to Laura’s hostel. It was a pretty finish and I ended up in a cute and cozy place for the night. They were making some dinner and offered me some, that was sweet. And given how pretty the beach looked, I figured I’d spend a day here to soak it in.

Track Notes

Route: Tijucas to Guarda Do Embau
Distance: 90 Km
Road: Asphalt, mostly on shoulder. Missing shoulder for a few k's. Bit of beach riding near Pinheira.
Traffic: Madness. Near Florianopolis, its horrendous. A bit of scary patch on the hill without a shoulder.
Services: Plenty.
Expenses: SG$ 15.96
Comments: It was a speedy and beautiful day of riding.