QuickPeek: Sun. Beach. Wind. Cooking.

Andre and Morgana were exceptional hosts and we had the a pretty amazing time hanging out. Andre was not only a Bombeiro, but also an incredible Sushi chef. His pretty well equipped kitchen was nice to work in and during the weekend he was indulging in his hoppy of making sushi and delivering it to orders that showed up on facebook. It was incredible to watch Andre make the sushi in a pretty intensely professional way and Morgana doing the decorating of the boxes. I have a felling the people getting the sushi must be very appreciative.

In the evenings, I tried to makes some dishes from my repertoire and tried out mum’s Jalfrezi. It came out pretty well I should say and I could add it to my menu now, heh.

The beaches around this region were supposedly extremely pretty and Andre took me on a ride around the heads called Bombinas. The roads were crazy steep and seemingly many of the beach sides were taken over by holiday homes, but still, the place looked incredible. The sun had come out and it was lovely to be able to see the gorgeous beaches. I still feel like I am a bit of a mountain boy, I don’t know what to do in a beach really.

The stay at Andre’s place was a bit longer than intended since myself and Krista were in the process of changing directions. See, I have been having this issue with my Brazil visa and the best I can do is to have a 30 day entry visa and a 30 day extension. I am pushing against my deadline and making my way to the border before Mid November. Krista has a much wider latitude and given we have been passing thro some amazing set of communities and people, she figured it would be silly to pass up the opportunity to interface. We eventually decided to split up the trip for the moment and probably reconnect in Uruguay in a few weeks time.

We spent a while dealing with the logistics and making sure the ride would continue on smoothly. It all worked out as she found a really nice spot to get back to and I could ride my own pace to get to the border before my deadline. So for the next few weeks, I would be back to riding solo.

During the time here, we had a bit of insight into the weather changes in the region. The beach of Tijucas (a bay about 17 km long) has become unswimmable in the past 20 years or so. Turns out deforestation up stream of the river is forcing a lot of soil into the water and the beach was full of mud and silt – almost looked like a ocean of chocolate milkshake. Imagine that. Also, there were reports coming in that during high tide, numerous streets and houses were flooded by the ocean. Andre tells me that this is the first time he is encountering the situation. And this super high tide is happening at the New Moon’s! Dang, in 2 weeks time, its going to be madness. Incredible, I wonder how the people would cope if the sea rises regularly into their homes.

It was incredible hanging out with Andre and Morgana and Cannot appreciate them much for the additional time we spent at their place. It was nice that we came in during the weekend when we could observe the Sushi chef magic too 🙂

Track Notes

Distance: 33 Km
Expenses: SG$ 9.12
Comments: The Beaches of Bombinas were incredibly beautiful. Too bad about the one in Tijucas which looked like chocolate milkshake due to silt.