QuickPeek: Rest Day. Rain. Wind.

We planned to do a 3 day ride to Florianopolis, but when we got up the forecast seemed ominous, The route ahead was supposed to have heavy rains for the rest of the day and we thought about it and given the forecast for the next few days seemed sensible, we decided to do the sensible thing and stayed in.

Juliano and his friend Icaro were really fun chaps to hang out and they were free in the morning and took us for a ride around town and made lunch for us. We spotted the omnipresent christ (It’s not just in Rio, just so you know) up in a hillock. Icaro had ridden the route heading south and gave us great track notes and some good spots to visit along the way. We made some dinner and knocked off hoping for a clear day and an early start.

The rain however seemed to have stayed out and that made our decision look a bit silly, but better safe than sorry eh!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 7.60
Comments: Rest day due to rain forecast.