QuickPeek: Rain. Shit Traffic. Bad Drivers. Hot Shower.

It had been a few absolutely adorable days here in Ubatuba. I seriously wish I had lots more time to hang out with Kilda and her friends, they are a really adorable bunch. We had stayed a day more than planned and we had to get the show back on the road to get to the border. We got up early and Kilda was super nice and made some b’fast for us. We bid farewell to her, noting we should come back this way again and got on the road at 8 AM.

We had a few options as far as routes went. One was to take a coastal route and loop back on to the highway and then hop back on the coast. The other was to head out on the highway and keep at it till we got to Barra Velha. Fabio had advised us to take the coastal road, But we weren’t up for some mud riding and decided to take the highway instead. The day started pretty neat, dry and cool and we hoped the sun or rain would stay away.

Heading out of Ubatuba was pleasant, but once we got to Sao Francisco Do sul, we were greeted with heavy truck traffic on 1 lane road with no shoulder. The truckers were mostly construction vehicles with 2 trailers and were pretty unhappy with us cyclists in front. I was cut of numerous times and I had to flip off some of the really risky ones. It wasn’t boding well and I hoped once we got on the highway 101, we might have a bit of a reprieve.

We put our heads down and cranked off as much distance as we could and by about 2.5 hrs, we had gotten more than 45 KM done and we got on to the highway 101. Along the way, we passed thro some heavy swamp, a school that was occupied by students (Yay, Santa Catarina seems to be getting in in the movement from Parana). I should explain – Currently, in Brazil, there is a Occupy Schools movement where the students are taking over the schools and are protesting some of the regulations set by the Federal Government. The state of Parana has nearly 800 schools occupied already.

Once we got to 101, we realized we were in for more of the same traffic situation. Bummer. The rain had gotten a bit heavier and luckily we had a bit of a shoulder to hide in. The trucks would pass by at high speeds and in the slippery road, it was a bit of an effort keeping the bike on it. after 10 k’s or so, we stopped at a fancy truck stop for some coffee. Our host in the next town was a really super chap and though he was out working, he had left the keys for us to enter the house and make ourselves home.

We rode the remainder 15 k’s or so and the rain kept getting progressively heavier and by the time we got home, it was pouring down buckets. Luckily we could get inside and have a hot shower and relax! Thanks Juliano, you are a saviour! We waited a while but the rain wouldn’t ease up, bummer. So we braved the wet and wind to get some supplies for dinner and made some food and ate a bit. The forecast seems to be for more rain tomorrow and I suppose we might make a call in the morning about heading out. Fingers crossed.

Track Notes

Route: Ubatuba (Sao Francisco Do Sul) to Barra Velha
Distance: 75 Km
Road: Asphalt. Poor shoulders and bad drivers.
Traffic: Heavy. And terrible drivers along this route.
Services: Extensive.
Expenses: SG$ 8.36
Comments: We were stuck with route options. Ride mud in the rain or ride rain in shitty traffic. Duh.