QuickPeek: Cook out. Rest. Good company!

We are in an incredible place. Yesterday night, Kilda invited us to a dinner of middle eastern food at her friend’s place. We tagged along and it was an awesome collection of her friends with some stunning food to boot! Been a while since I’ve had good Hummus, Baba Ganoush and what not and the company was really neat. In the evening, we were frisked off to the beach side where some of Kinda’s friends were playing Samba music. We met up with Fabio and some of his guests he was hosting at the moment. It was an incredible group of people representing 5 Continents in this small town!

Kilda was planning to have a gathering today, at her place, and We thought we’d offer to make some food for the evening. As the day progressed, we realised the guest list was growing and as the evening came along, we were in the vicinity of 25 people. Ahem, cooking for a big group, some of them incredible cooks themselves was going to be a hairy affair, but hey, challenge accepted!

we considered making a few different options and finally settled on a Salad from Krista and a Tomato-Jeera Rice (mum’s recent recipe) and a coconut milk soup. Our preparation took us the better part of 4 hours and we eventually pulled it off.

The guests were lovely bunch, the gathering had musicians from Spain and the local group, a bunch of really big hearted local hosts, friends and some travellers too! The food was pretty good and considering the scale of preparation and the finish, I think mum would be proud indeed.

The musicians were incredible with some awesome singing and improv sessions and the evening lasted with laughter and fun till the wee hours. I suppose given the stretched time, we might not be able to start the next day’s ride early and decided to take a day off. That means the next day would be a rest day. Well earned!

Track Notes

Expenses: SG$ 0
Comments: Can chalk up cooking for 25 people up in my Resume!