QuickPeek: Ferry ride. Overcast. Lovely Host.

Originally yesterday’s ride was supposed to be longer and get us to Sao Francisco, but we decided to split it into 2 and after the 65 km ride yesterday, we had a short 20+ km for the day and we were not in a hurry. Woke up nice and easy and had a fill of b’fast that came with our room! Sweet! They had some lovely bread and a good spread of snacks to go with it. We skipped the 9 am boat and took the 11 AM ride across the bay.

The ferry terminal was pretty barebones and with no shelter and stff winds it was chilly. A few cyclists form the local big town of Joinville joined us and we had a bit of a chat while waiting for the boat. The ferry started sharp at 11 AM (which has been consistent in Brazil) and was a nice slow 40 min sail to the other side.

I had contacted a warmshowers host in Sao Francisco – He was unable to host us, but incredibly, he said one of his neighbours could and we were headed to her place. Kelda, our host, lived about 20 k’s from the ferry terminal and we decide to take a scenic route to get there. We passed thro the town of Sao Francisco do Sul. This was incidentally the 3rd oldest town in all of Brazil and had a pretty quaint appearance. The historic center was pretty and colorful and it was nice to ride thro. We stopped for a bit of coffee and watch tourists walk about. I suppose the cruise down from Joinville and a walk about in town was a pretty hot activity and tons of people were hanging out.

This town and the previous one of Villa Da Gloria were really cute. It had a lot of retirees and many of them in their colorful track suits out fishing. Heh, it was really sweet to see all of them having a smashing good time with their buddies!

Anyhow, after a break in town, we headed out thro some back roads. The road turned from asphalt to cobbles o mud, but it was all along the waterway and went around all of the little hills and avoided any sort of climb. It was an incredibly pretty route and lovely to ride on in the cool weather. We eventually got to the town of Ubatuba and as we approached the street where our host was, we were greeted with loud cheers and laughter. Our host Kelda was a super sweet person with a big heart and had a few of her friends / neighbours for lunch. We were just in time and she showed us our place to sleep in and invited us for a really lovely lunch! Yummy!

We planned to take a rest day here before heading towards Florianopolis and it is an incredible place to be in.

Track Notes

Route: Villa Da Gloria to Ubatuba (Sao Francisco do Sul)
Distance: 22 Km
Road: Asphalt. Cobbles. Mud.
Traffic: Light.
Services: Plenty.
Expenses: SG$ 2.28
Comments: Colonial towns have some crazy history, I am sure. But they sure are cute.